They Said What?

This issue of They Said What? features a medley from Professor Richard Tedlow, the HBS resident expert on the history of business. All quotes this issue come from EC courses, indicating that the first years need to start paying enough attention in class to catch those humorous comments between naps!

Anyone who doesn’t fall into the Classroom Attention Deficit Disorder category should submit all entertaining quotes to

Professor Richard Tedlow (Coming of Managerial Capitalism): “I wasn’t consulted before the increase in tolls on the Mass Pike. Nobody asked me. I would have said no.”

“They do look down on us at the medical school. They’re saving lives. We’re selling ketchup.”

“The only way you people are going to be leaving your office at 2 pm is if you’re fired at 1:59.”

“There is room for someone to write an article entitled The Miracle of the Non-Development of Argentina. “

“Dell dropped out of the University of Texas, and Gates dropped out of Harvard, so if you’re going to drop out, drop out here.”

“In 1800, it took six weeks to get from New York to Chicago, but that was not nearly as big a problem as you might think because there was no Chicago.”

[passing out handouts to the class] “This is my inventory system. I call it just-a-little-late.”

Professor Frances Frei (Managing Service Operations): “Tomorrow we’ll study eBay. It’s not that I expect many of you to work for eBay, or other companies in that industry. Oh, wait. There are no other companies in that industry.”

Frei (MSO): “What caused you to stop using Zipcar?”
Ryan Desmond (OA): “I started dating someone who owns a car.”

Professor Andre Perold (Investment Management): “You never have to worry that the pilot is drunk, because they wouldn’t put their own life at risk. Right?”

“Why do you wear seatbelts? So you can drive faster.”

Professor Tom DeLong (Managing Human Capital): “Do you think you’ll ever use SAS software again?”

Aaron Miller (OD): “Never. That would be a sign of professional failure if I ever have to use it again.”