The Intraview's Post Game Interview

Me ‘n’ Her

Goldie: After last week’s Intraview I would have expected you to shut down the entire African dance class so that you and Mike received a private dance lesson surrounded only by the teacher and giddy drummers. What gives?

Brooks: I planned the date before I realized others had set the bar so high.

Goldie: Do you think Mike was having a great time dancing because he was 1) moved by the music or 2) because there was a 4 to 1 male-to-female ratio?

Brooks: You’ll have to ask him.

Goldie: We learned in your article that Mr. Putnam’s grandmother prefers tequila and cranberry. Did you learn about any other Putnam family favorites?

Brooks: Skiing, polka, missionary work; that about covers it.

Goldie: Did Mike share his deep dark secret with you about his living situation?

Brooks: Yes, in the first five minutes I had to ask.

Goldie: Please provide a comparative analysis of Haitian Cab Bingo and African dancing as date activities.

Brooks: Well, we had to pay for our dance class, but I told him in advance what we were going to do, so it wasn’t quite as awkward.

Me ‘n’ Him

Goldie: How important would you rate succulent meats as a factor in successful Intraviews?

Putnam: After this date I would rate them as “Very Important.” Let me put is this way: I think succulent meats should be a part of any Intraview.

Goldie: Do you think I have a KSG fixation, or do you know something about me that others don’t?

Putnam: I know a lot about you that others don’t.

Goldie: OK, let’s just cut off this line of questioning right now. You live with an Intraview alumnus. What advice did he give you before heading out on the date?

Putnam: His advice was don’t tell her who I am and keep an eye out for Max.

Me ‘n’ Them

Goldie: I know you said you were going skiing, but will there be another Intraview? Inquiring minds want to know!

Brooks: I guess that’s for us to know and you to find out.

Putnam: We’ll have to see where the skiing takes us.