The Envelope Please

Where has the time gone? It’s been a while since Section E has made the papers, but it certainly hasn’t been for a lack of events! In the spirit of the recent Academy Awards, I have bestowed my own personal list of winners. Drum roll please…
Spring Break Awards

The “Havana good time, wish you were here” award goes to Daniel Zinn for his exploits in Cuba. Reportedly, he was involved in a bar fight, spending half the night in the hospital and the other in a prison! Quite unpleasant indeed for Mr. Zinn, but you should see the OTHER guy!

The “I just LOVE you guys!” award is awarded to Meg Brod and Nancy Germain, who went to Hawaii with, of all people, their study group members! Word is that they were drawing decision trees in the sand…

The “Mommy and Daddy will be RIGHT back” award is awarded to Brian Tribus and his wife, who spent their Spring Break in Las Vegas. Here’s hoping that your kids still have some of their tuition money!

The “They’ll never find me here” award goes to Kristen Fabry, Simon Bachleda, and Louise Willington, who each went to Lake Tahoe skiing, but on separate trips. Someone misinformed them that Tahoe was a “Section E-free” zone!

The “Florida is for lovers” award goes to Debi Winkler and her fianc‚, as well as Bobby Dixon and his wife, who ran into each other down at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Doesn’t anyone go to DisneyWorld anymore?
The “Mad Cow is over now, right?” goes to John Brown, who feasted on fine Argentine beef while on Spring Break in Buenos Aires with his family. He tried to smuggle some back in the States, but he got hungry and ate it at customs!

Events Awards
The “Slippery Slope” award goes to Simon for organizing the Section E ski trip earlier this month. The slopes, the cider, the late-night discussions on WACC vs. CAPM-these are the things that bring us closer together.

The “Boys just want to have fun” award goes to Samir Kaul for organizing a Section E men’s dinner. Ladies, you were missed dearly. (At least that’s what they wanted me to write!)
The “You wanna mess with us?” award goes to the Section E Men’s Basketball Teams (A and B), both of whom have glided into the playoffs. Team B is still undefeated! It will be nice to have TWO championship trophies on display in Room 209, won’t it?
The “Somebody check that leg” award goes to Lance Ward, who has overcome a ruptured Achilles tendon to rejoin us in class (and steal my seat, but that’s OK). C’mon Lance. You got plenty of attention from the ladies with two healthy legs. Now you’re going for the sympathy vote, too? Here’s to a (very) speedy recovery.

The “Humanitarian” award goes to Debi, Louise, Alana Stevens, Don Khamapirad, and his girlfriend. They all took time out last Saturday to contribute to Project Outreach. That’s it-no punchline. (Can’t I be serious for a moment?)

The “Teach us, O Wise One” award goes to Petter Johnsson, who graciously took time out to give Section E a lecture on pre- and post-money valuations, complete with homework! Thanks, Petter. At this rate, you’ll be tenured by the end of the semester!

And finally, the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress awards go to: Colston Young, John Lunde, Meka Millstone, and Shanaya Deboo, respectively, for their participation the HBS Show. Who knows? If this acting thing works out, you’ll never have to pass on a cold call again!
And that’s all he wrote…