The Bees Sting

THERE’S no place like a building site for a demolition job. NA was flattened comprehensively by NB amid the cranes and bulldozers of SFP. NB opened their season with a 3-1 victory over their arch rivals.
NA had arrived feeling dangerously confident and believing that their section was the first among equals. They left, as usual, having suffered a painful lesson in capital punishment.

NB welcomed back David Nathan Miller- and with him the goals that finally had the bees buzzing. But, it was a 17th-minute strike from returning hero Stealthy Seth Meisel that made the NB faithful beleive. The marvelous Claudio Knizek also added two to the score.

There were also outstanding contributions in defense from Masher Mallet, Wicked Wakana, full-back Tornado Taylor and fabulous Phil the Midfield Man producing the sort of 40-minute display that could lead to a lynching at the back of the nearest hot-dog stand should he ever consider leaving Section B.

Claudio Knizek had a magnificent game, totally running the first half and displaying all the talent that an increasing number of judges predict will take him further than the current Brazil national team.
All in all, an invigorating afternoon for those of the crimson and B persuasion.