NG kicks NH

“Just for the fun of it” being the motto and “let’s not get hurt” the drive, the NG team did a fine job of getting back at NH after conceding the first goal in the early stages of the game on Sep 23. The team kept defense solid all throughout the game and was especially active in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Both the goals were scored in that period.
The first goal scored by Rob Kaderavek at around the 25-minute mark of the game can be best described as his own version of “hand of god” or as teammate Olivier Velter put it, “Elbow of God”. The second goal was scored by M. Cihat Bakir aka “G” by friends. (Which get’s me thinking on how elaborate the section distributions are in HBS, might pick that up in an other article). The goal was put away one on one with the goalie following up on a deep penetrating pass given by Walker Stapleton.
The team sticks to its motto and its drive for the games to come. NG is ready to have some fun!