Supermodels, Skits, and Sea Bass

This article picks up where we last left off-the A-Team was getting ready for the lunch-time Brazil presentation by Leonardo Goncalves and Rui Miadaira. The talk covered:

 Brazil’s history and political structure.
 Sports, Carnival, food, and a description of each one of the five regions of the country.
 An explanation of how Brazil ended a period of quasi-hyperinflation with a very creative economic plan.
 Leonardo asserting that “the Brazilian flag is much more creative than all those flags consisting of just stripes and the like.”
 Slides of the supermodel Gisele, described as “one of Brazil’s export products.”
 And last but certainly not least, a distribution of Brazilian chocolate.

Thanks for an educational and entertaining show, you guys! You have given future country presentation speakers a high standard to live up to-who else can compete with supermodel pictures??? But can we get a little something for the ladies next time, please?

At the end of the week Holidazzle arrived, but first came an action-packed three-case day. We were entertained by “Ask Ben” in the morning, Eric Fleiss falling off of his chair in the early afternoon, and Jeff Casper ripping on L.L. Bean in the last class. What more could you ask for? That night at the Park Plaza, some of the A-Team sat innocently through dinner whilst vile sea bass started to circulate through their systems. But before the queasiness set in, we were able to learn the answers to these questions:

 Who is Suave’s new spokesperson?
 What male in the class just loves Maybelline Great Lash mascara?
 Who stole Patrick Landers’s namecard?
 Who is the singer in Harvard Square that puts Macy Gray to shame?
 Who got “boned”?
 Who does not know how to drive a stick?
 Who knows the meaning of life?

It was an enlightening night for all, indeed. On a personal note, thank you to Ajay Ahuja, Michelle Sullivan, Susan Rasmus, Amanda Key, Delia Vallejo, and Mr. T for all of their extremely hard on the skit, and for keeping me from having a nervous breakdown in general. Thanks to everyone else who was a good sport in participating in the segments and parodies-we now have major blackmail material on you-ha ha ha!!!!
As people recovered the next day, be it from too much sea bass or too much “fun,” the rest of Boston checked the calendar to make sure it was actually December 1st, for it was a beautiful sunny, 70ø day outside. Who needs tunnels in the winter if this keeps up?

As this is the last Harbus edition of the calendar year, congratulations are in order for surviving the infamous “first term at HBS.” The A-Team has successfully made it through this period with relatively few battle scars, which is quite an accomplishment. I know many of us are looking forward to the 20-day break (REPEAT: TWENTY DAYS OFF!!!!) for a chance to:

 Read things that don’t have any exhibits.
 Watch hours and hours of television shows recorded on TiVo.
 Play PlayStation 2.
 Catch up with family and friends who are waiting to see our “transformation.”
 Study Finance as Professor Erik Stafford would expect.
Congratulations on finishing the term, good luck on finals, and enjoy the holidays!