B is for …

…Beautiful (at Holidazzle)
To be honest with you, there were a lot of problems with Holidazzle: We had to share a room with NJ, which was no fun at all. The bar closed during dinner. The room with the DJ was crowded and small. The ladies bathroom was a million miles away and impossible to get to in four-inch heels. Everything was so spread out, that once you found a friend, you had to hold their hand for the rest of the night otherwise you probably wouldn’t see them again.

But for some reason, we all still had a fantastic time. My guess is that it’s because Club B is just THAT awesome. Or maybe it’s because Nick Khera “found” a couple bottles of vodka while Tucker Bailey “found” a bottle of rum when the bar was closed, and we all did a bunch of shots. At any rate, here are some of our favorite highlights of the night:
o All the Club B boys gathered and serenaded the B ladies with “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

 Playing “Pass the Ice Cube” with our sectionmates.
 Seeing drunk friends hook up.
 The hot caramel sauce on the pudding table.
 Doing the Cha Cha Slide.

More than one person has said that their favorite part of the entire night was the entertainment. A special Club B thank you to the members of the Entertainment Committee: Jeff Scherer, Steve Purdy, David Miller, Taylor Margis-Noguera, Nic Minbiole, Phil Kaufman, Bill Wade, Julie Gish, and Jeni Golomb for putting together the best show of the night.
Interesting quote: “Sex is, and always will be, a wonderful thing.” -Vivake Bhalla. Personally, I think the fact that Vivake has been showing up to class on time recently is a wonderful thing-but sex is good too.

Club B is proud to welcome the newest and youngest member to our family. Carey Baldwin, Scott’s wife, gave birth to Caroline Eve on the morning of November 18th. Both mom and baby are doing well. Caroline even made a special appearance at Sky Deck awards last week.

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