Summertime is not over…

Thursday, October 16th 2003. A day that will stick forever in the minds of many people around here… yes, right, the Sox didn’t make it to the World Series (a couple of quotes heard on campus: ‘Usually managers are hired to make decisions!’ …and, from a case: ‘…the New York Yankees are able to buy their way into the World Series virtually every year…*), but for those that left bats and balls aside, something even more FUN was going on: the first HBS Latin Party!

The Harbus, still recoverin from a night of caipirinhas and mohitos, interviewed one of the marketing gurus of the event, Fabio Takaki (OC).
*A Note on Incentives in the NFL’, case 902-129.

Harbus: Well, Fabio, who put together this exhibition of Latin American style?

Takaki: The first HBS Latin Party was organized by the Club LatinoAmericano. Rodrigo Diehl (OJ), Alejandro Bascunan (OA), and Surya Mendon‡a (OF) were the leading organizers. With the class of a real Latin American soccer team in the World Cup, they were fantastic in devising, organizing, and executing the event. Also the other officers, partners, club members, and friends contributed to make it happen. Lots of work, but it really paid-off, believe me!

Harbus: Club LatinoAmericano. Is this a new club? I don’t remember it from my RC year…

Takaki: It’s a re-branding of the old Club IberoAmericano. Many members felt unsatisfied with the lack of focus and energy of the club in the past. So we asked them about their opinions and perceptions: they voted for Club LatinoAmericano. It’s more direct and clear; it’s a club for people who are interested in Latin American culture, business, and social activities.

Harbus: Ok, then. Latin Party: salsa, merengue… what else?

Takaki: There are so many music categories in Latin America, not only those that people dance in the Latin nights in Boston clubs. So we brought the authentic and contemporary Latin American dancing hits: lots of Ax‚ Music from the Carnaval of Salvador, Samba from Rio, Modern Forr¢, top hits from Argentina, and much else. All real, 100% original, and the best in Latin music!

Harbus: I was wondering how many people dared challenging the cold
Bostonian night and show up in flip-flops…

Takaki: There were many who accepted the challenge and made it, actually! More than we expected, considering the weather. It was not mandatory, but those who came in Beach Style really stood out! The theme was pretty unusual, but that was also the goal: beach style is relaxed, totally non-stress, and can also be very cool and stylish. Silvia, Vicky, Shannon, Ling (to name just a few!) demonstrated it: they were pure charm in Beach Style! Of course all guests contributed to the good vibe dancing all night …you can bet that those who came in Beach Style felt much more comfortable dancing!

Harbus: …and who were those half naked men jumping all over the place?

Takaki: Half naked? I hope it was not me! Well, in fact they were the Capoeira performers. We had live drum players, dancers, and a Capoeira show (dance / martial arts from Brazil) to entertain our guests. I guess that the ladies particularly liked the show: they couldn’t stop taking pictures! I am still not sure whether they were referring to the Capoeira players or to one of the HBS guys when they kept repeating “that guy is hot!” Maybe we should include Capoeira in the Shad offerings…

Harbus: Now, tell us something about that night… who came over to Matrix? Disappointed fans?

Takaki: No way! The most Beautiful and Energetic HBS people ever! Just imagine this: mix original Latin Music + beautiful and high-stamina people + great drinks + live show. The result: an awesome fun experience, the hottest emerging party ever!!! Someone said: Gnarly!!!

Harbus: I heard there were no STARS… is this right?

Takaki: Nope! A bunch of hard-core STARS by-passed the paparazzi, and came to the Latin Party in their limousines to join the crowd!!! We’ve heard that even Chris Pan, our secC mate and club promoter, was tempted, but he was out of shape to come in his Brazilian outfit… ok, Chris, next time you got to show us what you learned in the tropics!

Harbus: Any last minute comment for the avid Harbus party-hardy??

Takaki: Many people are now asking: when is the next Latin Party? Well, definitely next year – probably in April!

For all the guests: thanks so much, you really made this party special – hope you had great memories from this Latin American experience! And don’t cry for me STARS and baseball fans who were not able to come: just stay tuned – the Club LatinoAmericano will come up with another BIG one next year!

Ciao and Ax‚! (ah-shay: meaning: good vibe and energy for the rest of the year!)