Summers Addresses Vigil on Yard

Harvard University President Lawrence Summers addressed about 3,500 people at a vigil on Harvard Yard Tuesday afternoon following the apparent terrorist attacks.

He also issued the following statement on Tuesday afternoon:
“All of us are shocked and saddened beyond words by the events of this morning. Harvard has suspended most of its academic activities and faculty and staff have been assured that they may leave as their personal needs require. We have organized counseling and other support services for students, faculty, and staff, and we have taken measures to increase security in our buildings. Our medical professionals are working with authorities from affected areas of the country to make emergency
medical services available as needed.

“Because we are a residential community, Harvard will remain open in support of our students and to make sure that members of our community have opportunities to come together to share information and concerns.

“We join others in profound grief for the individuals who are personally affected by this tragedy and in horror at this terrible episode in the life of our nation and the world.”