Student Wears HBS Fleece to Let Everyone Know He Goes to HBS

(SFP) EC student Barry Zoeller confessed to his roommate yesterday that the only reason he ever wears his HBS fleece off-campus is to let everyone know he goes to HBS.

“Remember when I told you that I wear my school fleece everywhere because of its quality and comfort?” Zoeller asked his roommate EC student Bill McVicker, who was just about to fall asleep when Zoeller barged in his room replica watches. “Well, I lied. I wear it around town for the sole purpose of notifying strangers that I go to HBS.'”

“Seriously, this fleece is actually a piece of crap compared to my REI Muir Woods jacket or my North Face Pumori,” said Zoeller. “It doesn’t even hold a candle to that polartec jacket I got at that Piper Jaffray research conference.”

McVicker was shocked – not at Zoeller’s revelations, but at Zoeller’s telling him this at “two in the freakin’ morning.” Zoeller quickly apologized and continued his story, despite McVicker’s move to turn out the lights and go back to sleep.

Zoeller continued. “Last year, I wore my HBS fleece to my 10th High
School Reunion. The thing is //, it was held indoors and it was, like, 90 degrees in there. Yet I refused to take off the jacket because I wanted the HBS publicity. I wanted desperately for everyone to know how well I was doing. In particular, I wanted to shove it in Joe Chupinsky’s face for giving me the nickname ‘Little Wee’ after seeing me shower one time after gym. But at the same time, I didn’t want to be one of those guys who walks around the reunion reciting his resume.”

“Well, that’s why I wore the fleece. And it worked perfectly. People kept on noticing the HBS logo on my chest and commenting about how well I turned out. Chupinsky even came up to me at one point and said, ‘Looks like Little Wee has become a Big Swinging Dick.’ I said to him ‘You’re not doing so bad yourself, with that produce job you got going on at the grocery store.’ But I was being sarcastic. That grocery store has the worst produce in town!”

“Since then, I have never left campus without putting on the fleece.”
“The problem is that it has gotten out of control. This summer, I spent a week on the beach wearing a Speedo bathing suit and HBS vest.

Everyone kept on saying ‘why don’t you take off the vest,’ but I kept on responding that while my arms were warm, my torso was cold. Well, it’s time to start telling the truth.”

By this point, McVicker had pulled a blanket completely over his head.

According to Zoeller, “This weekend my cousin is getting married. It’s gonna be a big wedding so there will be a lot of people to impress with my HBS fleece. But I’ve decided I’m not going to wear it. This is a big step for me. However, my psychologist has told me that I shouldn’t use shock therapy to break my fleece addiction. A more gradualist approach should be used. So I’m wearing HBS cufflinks and an HBS tie instead.”

McVicker congratulated him on his progress and told him to “get the hell out of” his room.