Stowe Away Frogs, Part Two

Section OF had so much fun skiing together in Vermont last winter, we thought we’d try it again and see what that fall foliage stuff was all about. So over the long Columbus Day weekend, about 40 Frogs gathered up their sleeping gear and carpooled up to Stowe.

As the carloads of travelers trickled in, so did the “supplies,” and the games commenced shortly thereafter. Up the River, Down the River was soon followed by Speed Quarters, and by the welcomed reappearance of the ultimate party tool-the Crawford Spout. To encourage participation from the entire group in these fun-filled games, we concocted equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages for our non-drinking sectionmates. These drinks were formed from a delectable mixture of Vermont maple syrup, Tabasco sauce, and mayonnaise. No matter what we drank, much section bonding ensued.

Saturday unfortunately began in a cold, windy, and rainy fashion, so the scramble golf tournament we had planned was canceled. Luckily, Robin King and Sarah Jacoby whipped up some lovely banana pancakes for everyone and took our minds off the weather. Alternate activities for the day included both short and long mountain hikes, a visit to the Stowe arts and crafts fair, and just hanging out in our lovely rented house. Folks who did the latter either caught up on reading in their pajamas like Wendy Ware, or learned to play imported board games under the tutelage of master Darren Crawford. We also tried to bond with long lost Theresse Kawarabayashi, who returned from her action at the Kennedy School this year, but we kept finding her asleep on the living room couch. After the hikers returned, they immediately headed for the hot tub, which promptly blew a fuse and quit working. Oops.

Saturday night was more mellow than the previous evening, as we all gathered round for pasta dinner and cookies. Afterwards we played a few hours of Psychiatrist, where Alex Adler and then Qian Elmore were charged with asking probing questions of their sectionmates in an attempt to crack the code of why the heck everyone was acting so strangely. The final activity was laser disc movie night, and we pulled Caddyshack from the house collection hoping to show the international folks what classic 80s American humor was all about. We were soon all asleep, dreaming that instead of a paying job, Bill Murray was offering positions where “there will be no money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. So we got that goin’ for us, which is nice.” When we woke up in the morning, we had another stellar breakfast, just in time for the four-hour drive home.
Special thanks to the Frogs who organized the weekend for us, especially Mushtak Khatri, who pulled it all together.

In other news, a few Frogs deserve congratulations this week. First, we laud David Reinke for being the first of us to get credit for writing a case. David helped gather data for a Frances Frei case on Dell Computer. Second, while most of us were lollygagging around Vermont, Guilherme Lima completed the Chicago Marathon in 3:17, beating his personal best by half an hour. The biggest cheer goes to Colin Mahony and his girlfriend Katherine Nerney, however. They got engaged after Colin proposed on Martha’s Vineyard, the same location in which Katherine and he met over four years ago.