Son las tres de la ma¤ana…

Yes, you are right, that means: “it’s 3:00 AM.” If you do not happen to be a native Spanish speaker let me congratulate you for your proficiency in foreign languages; particularly considering that it is not an easy language. Even so, my good friend Vadim Korsunsky, who is currently studying Spanish, claims that it is still easier than Russian. I guess he is right. Anyway, regardless of the language it is 3:00 AM and here I am. writing Section Q.

I ask myself why, being so late and having still half a case to prepare for tomorrow, I can get myself into writing this column. The answer is easy: because my work as Co-president of the GLSA and Section Q in particular have been two of the most satisfactory experiences I have had here at HBS. Yes, they have represented for me an opportunity to meet a large number of very interesting people at HBS, other Harvard schools, MIT and other universities. Granted, these tasks have helped me expand my network personally and professionally. True, I have had the opportunity to meet personally some of the most famous and successful gay professionals including business people, writers, historians and even an ambassador and an astronaut. But beyond all that, the GLSA and Section Q have given me an opportunity to contribute. to help others. to touch their hearts. What a powerful experience!

Why am I telling you this? Hum. let me think. ah, yes. I tell you this because next Wednesday, February 28th, is going to be a very special day. Is it my birthday? Well, yes but do you believe that I would bother you with so self-serving and shameless a comment? Ok, don’t say it; just keep in mind that I like the chocolates and the BMWs. Also keep in mind that since Marcelo will have to remain in Mexico for yet another week, all invitations are welcome.

Now, seriously speaking, next Wednesday is elections day: the opportunity for some members of the class 2002 to take the baton and become the leaders of this organization. You may wonder: is it a lot of work? Well. yes, but it is manageable. Do I have to be gay? Hum, I guess it is not a requirement but certainly it helps. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely yes! Why should you believe me when I tell you that it is worth the effort? Good question. I guess that the very fact that now it is 4:20 AM should give you some hints!