Six Students Awarded SA/MBA Award

The Student Association would like to congratulate Catherine Rucker, David Hall, Matthew Turner, Graham Weihmiller, Charles Masters and Erin Russell as recipients of the SA/MBA Award. This award is given to students who have excelled in efforts to improve or promote the HBS Community. Students are nominated by another student, a faculty member or an administrator. All nominations are collected and selections are made by the Awards Committee, which consists of the SA Executive Committee and two representatives from Student Life.

“These are people who really went above and beyond the call of duty by contributing to the HBS Community in very significant ways,” said Sal Khan, Student Association Co-President.

Catherine, Graham, David and Matthew received the award for their efforts in conceiving of and organizing the 2002 Section Olympics. This was a major event last spring involving a series of competitions between the sections in the RC. These four section presidents raised funds, planned events and, most importantly, rallied support within the RC for an extremely successful, community-building event. They have also laid the foundation for the Section Olympics to become an annual HBS tradition.

Erin and Charles received the award for extraordinary contributions in their roles as Senators in the Student Association. Last Spring, Erin single-handedly ran the Spring 2002 class-wide elections because her two fellow Operations Committee members were running for office and were thus disqualified. This required a substantial commitment in addition to her ongoing responsibilities as Operations Committee Chair and Student Services Committee Co-Chair.

Charles received the award for organizing the effort to build the 2002 SA Spring Poll. The SA Spring Poll is a large-scale student survey administered to the entire student body. The results of this poll are used to set the Student Association’s agenda for the upcoming year.

The Student Association recognizes the recipients of the SA/MBA Award for meritorious efforts that have made HBS a stronger community. If you know of any potential recipients for the SA/MBA Award, we encourage you to submit a nomination at or email us directly at