An Apology from Section New B

It has come to New B’s attention that our section is causing some problems for other sections…and for that we apologize. You see, in the 5 weeks that RC’s have been in sections, New B has caused disbelief and jealousy among other sections in regards to our cohesiveness, spirit, and camaraderie. Other sections simply can’t believe the reports of classroom dance parties and quasi-nightly get-togethers.

You must understand that it’s not our fault. It was the faculty, not us, who put the coolest people in the Class of 2004 in our section. It was also the faculty, not us, who selected New B to represent HBS in Business Week. Granted, the beauty of our section left them no choice, but again, we have no control over that. We can’t help it that we have beautiful parents.

So, while we agree that it’s not fair to deprive other sections of…well…us…those are the cards we have all been dealt, so it’s probably best to just accept the situation and learn from New B’s success.

Apparently Section New A is already doing so – that’s right – we saw your noses pressed against the glass during our lunch dance party. Imitation is encouraged, but please…don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.

And now some “most likely” winners from Section B:

Most likely to win an MTV dance contest- Ladell and Neeta.

Most likely to change his name to make life easier – Ladell

Most dangerous to sit next to in class because of their frequent hand gestures while answering questions – (tie) Drew, Chuck, Majid

Most likely to be on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” for tripping down an aisle during a wedding – Marisa

Most likely to get cold called twice while eating dinner with friends – KJ

Most likely to pat himself on the back for a perfect write-up – Noam

Most likely to build on his own comment – Adam

Most likely to replace “Where’s Waldo” – Dessy

Most “I’m thinking this through while I’m talking” in-class comments – (tie) Dwight and Bryan
Least likely to be asked to speak up – Dax

Most likely to squeeze in a curse word during a comment – Jim

Most likely to refer to the (fill in with: tech, clothing, etc.) company she’s started during a comment – Rachel

Most likely to call a professor by a slang name to get his attention (Davey for David, etc) – Gaurav

Most likely to wear pink – Cedric

Most likely to say “huh” during a comment – Phil

Most likely to pull a muscle extending out of her chair while trying to get the professor’s attention – Victoria

Most likely to nod incessantly during class to increase his chances of being called on – Richard

Most likely to walk out of an interview half way through it – (tie) Amy and Perry

And some favorite lines from Section B:

“Uh, I don’t actually know him” – Steve after a painfully long, babbling introduction of a prospective HBS student sitting in on a class.

“I think you’re trying to get at something” – Professor Hawkins, trying to give Drew the benefit of the doubt.

“I think of it like a shopping bag” – Drew drawing an analogy in FRC

“I think of it like a shopping bag” – Drew drawing an analogy in Finance

“I think of it like a shopping bag” – Drew drawing an analogy in Marketing