Section Love Finds a Home in the House of D

We’ve all heard of Section Love before. It’s that special bond that the ever-dwindling population of HBS singles inadvertently anticipate upon their arrival. It’s those two people, once whispered about and represented only in Sky Decks, who give substance to rumors when they join the ranks of the engaged. It’s the attitude of my friend whom, upon telling her I was going to HBS to get my M-B-A, said she would have to come visit me to get her M-R-S. But does this really happen at Real World HBS?

Well, during last year’s HBS Show Upside Story, Nadia Boulos revealed the woes and triumphs of cross-section love between January and September cohorts in her role as Maria McKinsey. Who knew that this would be a foreshadowing of future events? Maybe only Bradley Campbell, who was sitting in the audience alongside Nadia’s other Section D groupies. For Nadia Boulos and Bradley Campbell have announced their engagement! (Insert chiming wedding bells here.) This is one for the HBS record books-the first confirmed report of Section Love culminating in an actual engagement for the HBS Class of 2002! I knew all those times I spotted Nadia and Brad walking along the Charles River hand-in-hand meant more than section support. This of course begs the question-when’s the big date? Well, given that Nadia was the star of the HBS Show last year, we’ll have to keep that one under wraps. You know-to keep the helicopters away.

Section Love represents itself in other forms at the House of D as well. Remember, in this House we’re a family-and a growing one at that. The latest addition to the D family is little Ella Bauwens, born October 5th, 2001 at 9:44 pm to Tom and Eleanor Bauwens. This makes Tom a first-time father, which would probably explain why we haven’t seen him at the usual section pub nights he frequented last year. At a precious 6 lbs, 13 oz, tiny Ella has already made a monumental impression on the section. Good things come in small packages-believe me, it’s my motto. And adorable

Ella gives the House of D the most valid proof of that.
This is a section where our family keeps growing. The birth of Chloe Konson, Mickey Konson’s not-so-little-anymore bundle of joy, set off the trend of Section D families. Chloe is now the Old Timer, as Fernando Siqueira’s baby girl Luiza has entered the scene along with Michael and Suzy Lee’s little girl Yoojin, who was born on August 8th. It’s likely I’ll be giving yet another update next term. Keep a look out for Section D: The Next Generation.

Finally, there is Section Love in its purest form-simply uniting with the section. The House of D has made this into an art form. We are the section, after all, that went to first Thailand and then Iceland together! Believe me, you have to be pretty comfortable with your section to willingly travel to foreign, exotic places run over by either elephants or sheep. Oh-and because I left this out last time in the Iceland Trek article, I must mention here that Jacques Stambouli saved me from being stranded on glaciers aboard an uncooperative snowmobile in Iceland. To have one sectionmate physically pull a snowmobile out of an icy ditch for the benefit of another much weaker sectionmate truly epitomizes the best of Section Love. (I’ll take my $100 now, Jacques.)
Since partying in Iceland, the section has come together countless times. Being second years doesn’t stop us from being the House of D. Imran Amed brought the section together for an International Potluck Dinner-our own section version of Thanksgiving where we feasted on Korean noodles and samosas rather than the more typical turkey and gravy. The ladies of D recently gathered for the usual gossip at a wine and dessert function hosted by Alice Limkakeng. And we can’t leave out Holidazzle, where Cecily Kovatch warned the restaurant Biba to expect being overrun by the House of D Pre-Party. There you have it-taking over a restaurant en masse for the purpose of hanging with your sectionmates-Section Love at its finest.