TOM is TOM no more
FRC drifting away
All subjects are LEAD

Sleep deprivation
Eyelids get heavy, head nods
Nudge me if I drool

What does a three mean?
I was smart in my high school
But there was no TOM

Celebrate Tuesday
Nine or Ten is good for me
Daedalus tonite?

Steel saucer flies by
Young Bowen nearly vomits
Good thing he’s so short

Christmas is coming
Ve ri tas advocates cheer
Can K keep it up?

Not another case
Emptied Johnny Black bottle
Love my study group

HBS is best
When you put your liver to
the test. Screw the rest

Sky Deck can be sad
Worm Deck can be lonely too
Is there no Section Love?

A little teapot
Blasphemy. Broken promise.
Farewell to learning

My smile lights up dark
Nights and eclipses the sun
Yet my comments suck

Alvarez asleep
Howard’s question lasts an hour
Home is Section K

My hand was not raised
Last night and this class tire me
I was just stretching

At Priscilla Ball
A siren in a red dress
Key fooled me too good

Charles or Travis?
Professors seem not to know
Perhaps he is Chris

Hand high for Amy
Mention Toyota in TOM
Mihir likes pictures

Eighty-two classmates
I have not read in two weeks
The odds have fattened

Li-Meng’s luxury
An epiphany that day
Please do not squeeze it

Projector broken
Electronics confuse me
Summon Russell now

Lex has a pet peeve
“Incent” is not a real word
Tell Kent to his face

A few will get Ones
More will receive Twos and Threes
A Four still passes

If you are foreign
Amy will not understand
Lose the accent now

Samosas are fried
Mimosas contain champagne
Get it straight Russell

Nausea mounting
Free martinis at Pravda
Sit still, Margolis

Who is your daddy?
A gauntlet thrown by LeBlanc
Azoulay cowers

Rum, matches, canvas
We can make it if we stay
Rayford makes us walk