RFC Team Banquet

Rugby dinners present a bit of a dilemma to your average Harvard Rugger. Do you e-mail your professor that night and pre-empt the next day’s unexcused absence? Or, do you set the alarm before you go out, on the off-chance you’re actually going to wake up?

This past Thursday’s team banquet was no different. Dressed smartly in jacket & tie the squad was impressive in both size and splendor. The casual observer no doubt thought this group to be a part of the University choir or, perhaps the Young Men’s Christian Association. However, the business at hand was much more serious: this team was together to celebrate the fall season’s accomplishments, to bestow a number of team awards, and to look ahead to this spring’s MBA World Championship at Duke.

Of course, this year’s rugby get-together was once again a family affair. Dave Winslow (NA), M†ns Larsson (NH) and Carl Lavin (NE) were treated to the usual scorn reserved for latecomers. Rather than face future censure by the Rugby Court, however, these individuals (pitcher-in-hand) chose a path of immediate redemption for their egregious transgressions. And yet, enjoyment of their good fortune was not limited to those individuals on the rugby team. Local patrons were moved to tears by the powerful example set forth by our nation’s future business leaders – particularly with the team’s rendition of old biblical hymns like, “Yogi-Bear” and “I Used to Work in Chicago…”.

Looking ahead to this spring’s MBA World Championship, you sense a feeling of determination within the group. Co-Captain Mike “Asstown” Butville (OB) summed it up best when he exhorted his teammates to “Live Duke Everyday” when training throughout the cold winter months. With inclement weather making practice outside difficult, the team is meeting every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 6:30 to train and toss the pill about inside Shad gymnasium. Off-days are spent in the dining hall and weight room, where the philosophy is simple: “Eat Big, Lift Big.”

With the addition of new recruits Xave Majic (NE), Anthony Bowes (HGSE), Rahul Vinnakota (NB), and Derek Elmeric (HSPH) the team has a sense of purpose, and banquets aside, a seriousness to its stride. After capturing the Wharton MBA Tournament trophy and knocking off the New England league champs last October, this tight-knit squad knows it has a legitimate shot at capturing gold at the World Championships. “A ring baby, some championship bling-bling to complement my Roley with the ice bezle”, noted RC superstar Tom Connelly (ND). But, everybody knows that championships aren’t won at tournament time, but rather in the gym and on the practice field.

Will this team be up to the task? Stay tuned.