Poll Causes Turnaround in Class Selection Strategy

(Aldrich) After participating in a poll entitled “Have You Met Your Love at HBS?” RC student Mary Rich (Section M) completely revised her class selection strategy. Though Mary worked at P&G for four years before coming to HBS, and despite the fact she asserted “I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the many fascinating facets of the marketing function,” in her HBS admissions essays, Mary has decided to take only Finance and FRC courses next year.

“After completing the poll, I realized that I hadn’t met my love here yet, and that time was running short,” commented Mary. She continued, “EC classes are the best way to target people at HBS by their interests. While my own post-MBA professional career is important, the real reason I came to HBS was to find a partner who is interested in making lots of money.”

For the last two weeks, Rich has reportedly been asking all of the ex-investment bankers in her section for class recommendations. The love poll perhaps also explains why a number of male, former Wall Streeters have been visiting their first term marketing professors to inquire about EC course offerings.