Plunkett, Schock to Lead Class of 2002

Congratulations to the new SA Co-Presidents, Lori Schock (ND) and Mark Plunkett (NK), and to the new SA Social Committee – Cecily Kovatch (ND), Marci Walner (NA) and Tiberius Vadan (NI).
Elections for the new SA Co-Presidents and Social Committee took place on April 4. Candidates campaigned from March 30 until the end of April 4. Seventy percent (70%) of the September Cohort and 68% of the January Cohort voted in the elections.

Administration leaders were quick to welcome the new SA officers. Carl Kester, Chair of the MBA Program, said “The SA plays an important role in shaping the student experience in our MBA Program. I congratulate Lisa and Mark on their new leadership roles and look forward to meeting them and continuing the kind of productive relationships we’ve built with [the SA].”

So how was the news delivered? The phone rings, Mark picks up the phone and hears, “I have good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?” Mark, sounding hesitant and dejected, responds, “Either”. And the voice replies, “The bad news is that you have a lot of work ahead of you in the next month or so. The good news is that you are the new January Co-President.” Mark eloquently responds, had me hook, line and sinker.”

The first action item for the new Co-Presidents will be to appoint Co-CFOs, one from the September and one from the January Cohort. Following that, the two will transition into their new roles. Top priorities will be developing the new SA Agenda and passing next year’s budget.

Responding to the news on her election, Lori said “It is a huge honor to be chosen to represent the student body for the upcoming year. I am so excited about the impact we are going to make and look forward to working together. Get ready for a great year – CHARGE!” Mark added “I know next year will be a lot of work, but I’m excited about the opportunity to make a major contribution to the HBS community.”

Barbara Siegfriedt, Director of MBA Student Life and advisor to the SA, added “We are definitely looking forward to working with the new presidents. We are all eager to continue a positive relationship with the SA to address student desires and concerns.”

Congratulations and good luck to the new officers!