Oscar loves Chicago

The Oscar nominations were released with traditional pomp and show in Los Angeles last Tuesday. Chicago led the pack with 13 nominations this year including a nomination for Best Picture. Gangs of New York lagged behind the remake of the Fosse classic by nabbing 10 nominations. The Hours topped the list off with 9 nominations. Miramax is certainly enjoying its position as the film house with the most nominations for the year’s biggest buzz-generatorsChicago, Gangs of New York and The Hours. While most of the nominations had been predicted by industry experts, the Academy did provide the industry with a few surprises. Among the stunners were the missing nominations for Lord of the Rings Director, Peter Jackson, Catch Me if you Can stunner, Leonardo DiCaprio, andAbout Schmidt Screenwriters, Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor. Welcome to Oscar season, folks, and let the games begin. The Oscars will air on Sunday March 23, 2003 on ABC. Go to www.oscar.com for more details.

Best Picture
Chicago (Miramax)
Gangs of New York (Miramax)
The Hours (Paramount and Miramax)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
(New Line Cinema and Wingnut Films)
The Pianist (Focus Features)

Best Director
Rob Marshall, Chicago
Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York
Stephen Daldry, The Hours
Roman Polanski, The Pianist
Pedro Almod¢var, Talk to Her

Best Actor
Adrien Brody inThe Pianist
Nicolas Cage in Adaptation
Michael Caine inThe Quiet American
Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York
Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt

Best Actress
Salma Hayek in Frida
Nicole Kidman inThe Hours
Diane Lane in Unfaithful
Julianne Moore in Far from Heaven
Ren‚e Zellweger inChicago

Best Supporting Actor
Chris Cooper in Adaptation
Ed Harris inThe Hours
Paul Newman in Road to Perdition
John C. Reilly in Chicago
Christopher Walken inCatch Me If You Can

Best Supporting Actress
Kathy Bates in bout Schmidt
Julianne Moore in The Hours
Queen Latifah in Chicago
Meryl Streep in Adaptation
Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago

Best Original Screenplay
Far from Heaven by Todd Haynes
Gangs of New York by Jay Cocks and Steve Zaillian
and Kenneth Lonergan; story by Jay Cocks
My Big Fat Greek Wedding by Nia Vardalos
Talk to Her by Pedro Almod¢var
Y Tu Mam  Tambi‚n by Carlos Cuar¢n and Alfonso Cuar¢n

Best Adapted Screenplay
About a Boy by Peter Hedges and Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz
Adaptation by Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman
Chicago by Bill Condon
The Hours by David Hare
The Pianist by Ronald Harwood

Best Cinematography
Chicago – Dion Beebe
Far from Heaven – Edward Lachman
Gangs of New York – Michael Ballhaus
The Pianist – Pawel Edelman
Road to Perdition – Conrad L. Hall

Best Foreign Language Film
El Crimen del Padre Amaro (Mexico)
Hero (People’s Republic of China)
The Man without a Past (Finland)
Nowhere in Africa (Germany)
Zus & Zo (The Netherlands)

Best Original Score
Catch Me If You Can – John Williams
Far from Heaven – Elmer Bernstein
Frida – Elliot Goldenthal
The Hours – Philip Glass
Road to Perdition – Thomas Newman