OG 50 – OI2 38 OG 64 – OH 42

Despite schedule-makers’ attempt to wear the boys down, the OG machine rolled to the top of the Hawes division at 5-0 with two games this week. Charlie McFranchise threw everyone for a loop, breaking out some plays from his junior high school days. A trapping zone (“Blanket ’em, and I’ll pick off the pass!”), led by defensive stoppers and guys with too much energy, Brook ‘fast-break’ Hazelton and G ‘I fly because I can’ Bakir, wore down OH’s ball-handlers, and led to easy hoops by Jeff ‘full speed down that country road’ Losch and Russell ‘if I can see the rim, I’m open!’ Groves. Against OI2, Jerry ‘Elbows’ Hall had an unexpected halftime call up to the Celtics, so coach broke out the secret passing offense, which tricked everyone because it looked like the normal passing offense of Greg ‘Stockton’ Ciongoli to Holden ‘surprise! I’m a lefty but can shoot’ Spaht. The boys will enjoy their hard-earned bye week by drinking lots of beer and sunning themselves on Baker beach. See ya in March!