OF: Back in Business

Dan Bryan got married over break, so this is naturally a tough time for many an OF woman. It is therefore with a complicated mix of a great sense of personal loss along with true happiness for the newlyweds that we are able to say CONGRATULATIONS, Dan and Ashley!! The silver lining is that section dynamics are expected to improve dramatically now that the women of OF can finally stop competing. Sam Thakarar, who attended the Stowe, VT wedding with his girlfriend Allyson, as well as John Lee/Joyce and PC/Rinku, reports that, “Dan invented seven new dance moves on his wedding night. MC Hammer was unavailable for comment. Seventeen inches of snow on the day of the wedding!”

Molly Fogg and J.J. Kardwell vacationed in Argentina and Uruguay over break, along with Section F’ers Juan Uribe (and Lucia), Rob Burch, and Derek Aframe. They also met up with Marti Speranza (and Rodrigo) in Argentina. Apparently the group condescended to speak to non-Section F’er, Marc Zelanko (OH) – rumor has it he was mixing the drinks.

Lee Koffler generally comes across as an unassuming, witty, laid back kind of a guy. My advice for you men is to follow Lee’s example and you too could find yourself in Chile surrounded by the entourage commonly known as Lee’s Lovely Ladies, consisting of Sandra Lin, Julie Hammerman, and Amie Perl. Sandra writes that a group of 18 (I assume the additional 14 were also women) traveled to Valpraiso to enjoy the beaches for New Years, to Patagonia where they saw cute penguins (as opposed to those ugly ones), beautiful mountains and glaciers, the Lake District, and Santiago. Sounds exhausting – especially for Lee!