OC – Intramural Volleyball Champs!

Forget about the New England Patriots and the Winter Olympics. Competitive sports do not get any better than the intramural volleyball playoffs last week at Shad. The OC volleyball squad finished the season undefeated and claimed the intramural championship after a tough 3-game match vs. OJ in the finals.

After a disappointing loss in last year’s semi-finals, OC started this year with a 5-0 regular season. The team drew a tough match in Round 1 of the playoffs vs. OD, led by HBS volleyball veterans Marcus Lo and Mike Ward. After splitting the first two games, the OC team of Marti Jimenez, Martin Gonzales, Vincent Cobee, Rick Needham, Jim Wartinbee, and Amy Reinhard worked there way to a first-round victory in Game 3.

In the semi-finals, Team OC was up against OF, led by Javier Segovia. With the help of Elijah White, Alex Alt, and Helga Mispelblom Beyer, Team OC cruised to a 2-game victory.

In the finals, OC faced the fearsome foursome of Team OJ. How did a team of 4 players end up in the finals of a 6-person volleyball league? Team OC would soon find out. OC won a tight first game, 15-12. OJ took the second game, 15-11. With the championship coming down to the 3rd game of the finals, OC claimed victory, 15-11, after a series of punishing spikes by Marti Jimenez and devastating blocks by Martin Gonzales.

Congratulations to the OC volleyball team on a great year! May the illustrious sports tradition of OC continue into the basketball season…