NJ Shows its "Sensitive" Side

This was a great back-to-school from spring break game. Despite jet lags and sunburns, the NJ A-league team claimed a victory. Well done, boys! Plus, I was very happy to see us beat OJ beyond boat races. I was very impressed with Greg Long’s shooting abilities. Those 3-pointers in addition to great defense by Jim Parsons, Matt Willis and Damien Coady really made a difference!

On the pom-pom front, our players can cheer too! Who could imagine that a king of J-basketball, Jaime Irick, himself is a very talented cheerleader? You should have seen him today in class demonstrating Go-Army rocking cheers! I am definitely going to use some of those hot and dazzling moves next game.

And finally, I would like to congratulate our team on a stellar performance during the regular season and on making our first-ever playoffs. Bring it on J!