NJ Goes Skiing

Thank you for having faith in me, believing in me, and entrusting me to act as your representative for the Harbus News Corporation, beginning last week.

It is with regret that I tender my resignation.
My family and I think it best that we retreat out of the public eye for the foreseeable future and spend quality time together. The toll of the campaign, the constant need to protect my name and reputation, and the intense pressure of the past few days have forced me to think carefully about where I am in my life and where I am going. I have no choice but to focus myself and consider to whom I owe my loyalty-the office that I chose, or the people who chose to love me, or the love through which this office I acquired, or my choice of office to love, or the love of my office by the people.

This is no time for evasions or denials. No doubt, many close friends and supporters will be disappointed in me. I ask for their understanding and prayers. Now, more than ever, I know the importance of growing up in a nurturing, supportive, and protected environment, and I plan to pursue that aim. I seek forgiveness from my wife, and I’m sorry it was only 1.14 carats.

Like you, I abhor dishonesty and other such unethical practices, and I shall continue to do so as long as I have intact cognitive functions. I did not mislead people for I have no people to lead; I will not defend myself for I have nothing to defend. All I ask is that people respect the privacy of my family, the sanctity of my home, and the morals of our great country.

I stoop down as I write this, not because I have ankylosing spondylitis, a rheumatic inflammatory disease primarily affecting the spine and sacroiliac joints associated with inflammation of the uveal tract and the aortic intima, but because the burdens, responsibility, and public commitment of my post bear down heavily upon me.

I admit that my family and I could not have come this far alone. Indeed, the strength of our faith has helped us come through this difficult time. Many holy books and instruments of prayer say many things.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of my position even through these times of heavy despair, I must take this opportunity on behalf of our section to congratulate our fellow section mates Kathleen Malone on the birth of her daughter about nine years ago and Matt Howard on the birth of his daughter about nine days ago.