New Faces in Gallatin Basement

The board of directors of the Harbus News Corporation elected its new officers for the calendar year 2002 on December 3. After intense deliberations, the board voted in Susan Kim (NC) as Publisher, and Nick Will (NI) as Editor-in-Chief. Susan (Harvard College ’96) has a background in management consulting and brand marketing, and loves the… Continue reading New Faces in Gallatin Basement

NJ Goes Skiing

Thank you for having faith in me, believing in me, and entrusting me to act as your representative for the Harbus News Corporation, beginning last week. It is with regret that I tender my resignation.My family and I think it best that we retreat out of the public eye for the foreseeable future and spend… Continue reading NJ Goes Skiing

Greetings from the Harbus Foundation!

Founded in 1997 by the Harbus News Corporation, the mission of the entirely student-run Harbus Foundation is to provide grants to support education, literacy and journalism projects in the Boston area, and in the process, instruct Harvard Business School students in the management and operation of a grant-making foundation. With the start of the new… Continue reading Greetings from the Harbus Foundation!

The HBS Community Reflects on Steve Jobs’s Legacy

Steve Jobs was a visionary whose genius transformed how we experience technology.  Generations of Apple fans (if not fanatics) understand that what has distinguished everything from the iPhone to the iPad was Jobs’s relentless focus on making tasks and activities not just simple, but downright intuitive replica breitling – and more fun as a result.… Continue reading The HBS Community Reflects on Steve Jobs’s Legacy

Philanthropy In Our Hands

The afternoon of April 15th saw Hamilton Lounge abuzz with a peculiar group of people: Did the Executive Education program organize a mixer? (Yes it did, but this wasn’t it.) It was, rather, the Harbus Foundation Grant Reception which was the culmination of six months of work by members of the Foundation. The Trustees, Management,… Continue reading Philanthropy In Our Hands

Harbus Foundation turns 10

Q: What do get you when you put $800,000 in the hands of 400 HBS students? A: Ten years of the nation’s only MBA-student run foundation making a difference in the Boston community. Grant recipients are all Boston-area organizations pursuing initiatives related to education, literacy or journalism. Each grantee beat out at least three to… Continue reading Harbus Foundation turns 10