News from the B Hive

It has been a while since we updated you with news from the Hive:

The Hive heralded the arrival of its second baby, and the first born of the academic year. (Yes, we are a young section.) Hannah and Anselm Fusco are joined by the Bees in their joy at the arrival of bonny lad Horace into the world, tipping the scales at over 8 pounds! Susan Lee took Professor Kohlberg’s classes on mergers seriously, and built a strategic alliance with section NA-she married Steve Ko two weekends ago. The Bees are thrilled to welcome Steve and Horace to our family, our Hive, and our hearts.

On the insanity front, the past month has been designated the
month of March Muteness. Some call it Madness. Others call it Mutiny-esque. Call it what you will, the Bees have been involved in operations that have led to widespread speculation among the September cohort. Some think that we are having a tournament. Rafa Calderon thinks it is a covert operation to kick the s*@t out of the Kong bouncer. Others think it is an elaborate plan to have Ipsita’s small group dinner parties get thrown out of every possible establishment in Boston for excessive rowdiness, all while wearing MIT Sloan shirts. While we are not in a position to disclose the truth, let us just say that we never realized that a fantastic learning experience could be so much fun and lead to much section bonding!
Then I got a little carried away-thanks to the persuasive powers of Beau Lescott-and ended up doing a section cheer clad in a full cheerleader outfit. Let me tell you that the darn things are made for people who maintain their figures. I struggled into mine and set a record for holding my breath over the next half hour. Also it seems the uniforms are better worn minus jeans underneath. It was good fun jumping around with natural born cheerleaders Jill Allen and Renata Dionello. In a similar vein, Rafa landed in class wearing a Scooby Doo suit, leading Professor Gregor Andrade to politely inquire why he was dressed like a donkey. Minutes before a BGIE class started with a roomful of prospective students, Felix Danziger barged into class and shot Kevin Releford with a dart gun. Professor Rawi Abdelal alternated between shock and hopeless fits of laughter, and the guests looked terrified. If any of you have seen Kevin’s size you would realize why. We hear that admissions office has stopped sending us prospective students.
On Tuesday the Bees also decided to attack Fenway Park to see what watching a ball game was all about. With the festivities starting at the BB Wolf for a pre-game party, the group moved on to the game itself. Soon we were all at our kindergarten best, keeping up with the rest of the crowd. Chris Crane acted as guide extraordinaire and explained the finer points of the game to the uninitiated international students. At the end, Christine Zhao and I reached some basic conclusions: the game was like cricket with an attitude. Similar to most American things, it has a lot of flexibility-you could be out and score a run in the same at bat. We also learned that teams pay up to $60 million for some players, and the crowd goes wild when his bat connects with the ball, as though he had done something incredible like utter his first word.

The festivities concluded at Jillian’s with quality alcohol and pool playing. Anselm Fusco bet and almost lost on the name of his son. Ouch-can you imagine Sal Siino Fusco? The child would be emotionally traumatized for life! Chris Mrema proved that one did not have to know pool to beat brilliant pool players-simply psyching out the opponents actually works. Mrema strutted around with his hands in his pockets and a fat cigar in his mouth, loudly proclaiming that Bernard Ho played like his grandmother. By the end of the game, Bernard actually did!

A little note on the guests in the Hive lately. The past few weeks have been family visits weeks-Cinzia’s parents came in from Italy. Tyler brought his dad and his younger twin brothers-two more Tylers in the making. Bokeun’s wife came to class, as did Cheryl’s parents, Minnie’s best friend-her mom, Joel’s parents and his brother who looks exactly like his dad (Doctor Evil and Mini Me?), Felix’s parents, Renata’s sister, and finally, Tom Fishburne’s mother-in-law. The Bees ensured that Tom’s mother-in-law left thinking that her daughter married an incredibly intelligent young man! The highlight of the visits still remains Leslie Lanagan, who barged into the Hive with a large balloon and tons of cake to celebrate the 30th birthday of husband Sean, singing “Happy Birthday Old Man!” The balloon still resides in the back of the class, a proud reminder of the large extended family that is Section B, class of 2002.