NE Ends Year Hotter Than Ever Raising $34,000 at Charity Auction

While other sections distinguished themselves last week in Twinkie eating and egg tossing contests, HotE was focused on a more important goal – helping the children. On April 25th, HotE raised over $34,000 at its Charity Auction to support worthy causes such as International Aids Vaccine Initiative, Rebuilding Together, Summer Search, and UNICEF Fund for Iraq’s Children.

Set in a 1920s motif, the auction was festive and elegant. The organizing committee, led by Ebony Lee, Robin Berholz, and Melissa Studzinski left no stones unturned. Finance professor Nabil El-Hage set the standard for the evening by donating four items and coming dressed in his best Al Capone attire. Other professors in attendance included Bob Higgins and Ramon Casadesus-Masanell.

With an exuberant crowd and over 140 items on the block, auctioneers Dan Heath, Alex Kazaks, and Mark Okerstrom had their hands full.

Donated goods were varied and creative. Traditional items such as travel included Jeron’s (pronounced “Yerooon’s”) weekend getaway to the ski resort of Snowbird, UT which went for $575. Non-traditional items included a wild night of Karaoke with Hiroshi and Kenji won by Sarah Ogilvie. The most popular item was a 10 course Lebanese dinner prepared by Prof. El-Hage, which fetched a whopping $2,400.

Although the final tallies are not in yet, HotE’s Charity Auction is amongst the top fundraisers this year. During summer break, HotE looks forward to working its way out of auction debt and practicing dodge ball.