Mishka, a Dredlocked Master of Chill Out

Bermuda-born Mishka sings gracefully and assuredly with oceanic lyrics and rhythm.

Living on a sailboat with his parents from age three onward, Mishka’s early musical memory consists of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, blues, and soul. In lieu of television and video games, the now 26 year old appreciated cursory companionship with dolphins and whales that came alongside the boat.

Understanding both idyllic life and loneliness, he grew up with much time to reflect, read, write, and draw.

The entire CD glides over you and through you in a completely chilling way. As culture maven Kataya says, the music is good for “any occasion, whether you want to drink with friends, smoke weed, or just sit there and read.” Sung from the heart, Mishka’s music floats on acoustic guitars and gentle drums. Happiness, true love, loneliness, beauty, sorrow, and joy resonate in the words that melodically roll the boat in which he sails and of which he sings.

Amazon rates Mishka with five stars. Reviewer Ben Bynoe lends a personal testimony to Mishka’s music after meeting the singer in person: “The guy himself is one of the most chilled people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and this shines through in his music which tends to rub off on the listener. If there are any stressed city types reading this who want a way to relax in their offices or cars then may I suggest a little Mishka?”

Amazon reviewer David Kennon speaks of Mishka as one might speak of wine: “It has a mellow and wonderful flavor. The lyrics are masterful and the vocals and filled with passion.”
Amazon reviewer Chris from London sums up the five star rating: “Mishka is a dreadlocked master of chill out. The perfect album to relax and pretend you can sing to…. The 5 star rating is no over-exaggeration, I first heard Mishka with a friend on a trip to Liverpool, and it seemed to fit the mood completely. Whilst sitting on a rooftop five floors up overlooking the city on a warm summer’s day…. This is what the mood of the album is all about: layzin in the sun. Mishka has a pure voice, very smooth and inspiring. From the opening track `I give you all my love’ which is a smooth sounding song about love and his relationship with crystal clear seas, to `Lonely’ a song of heartbreak, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. Seeing him at Glastonbury I got a feeling of his identity and his origins which are still unpolluted despite his new relative fame. Basically, if you’re feeling stressed with the hum drum of the modern superhighway that is life and need reminding what it’s all about, buy this, put it on, lay down, shut your eyes, and drift away to a sandy beach with warm blue sea, you can really feel that sun on your face.”

A true diamond in the rough, Mishka hides a treasured acoustic track at the end of the CD, which is hard to come by in stores. His sister, Heather Nova, performs backing vocals for Mishka’s CD. Beautiful, she sings in her own right with stellar clarity and haunting, poetic soul. The only shame with Mishka’s Mishka CD: there are only ten tracks.