J-Crew Wreaks Havoc on Vermont

What was my favorite moment during the J-Crew ski weekend? Summit views? Wind in my hair as I descended the mountain? The serenity of the pines as we ascended the lifts? The camaraderie of the condo party experience? The roadtrip-inspired sense of freedom and adventure? No, it was watching Rami Shamaa snarfle two quarter pounders, onion rings and an apple pie in less than two minutes. That’s talent right there. I admit I may have done the same on the way up. He wins points for flair, however.

The worst moment you ask? I would say it was when I looked at my knee and noticed the massive bruise and ice scrapes from our poorly considered decision to emulate polar bears by hopping out of the warm and cozy jacuzzi to roll in the snow. I squarely place the blame for that one on social chair and weekend planner, Chris McIsaak. On top of his many other talents, he is the master of peer pressure. I don’t think a single J-Crew weekender was spared. He also has a maple leaf tattoo. Snicker, snicker. Well, what happens in Vermont stays in Vermont, so this week I will leave room for pictures instead. Oh, but thanks for being a great pillow, Ozgur!