J-Crew Revisits Prom Night

My, my, my, Section J cleans up nicely. While I saw no one wearing her older sister’s prom dress like I was guilt-tripped into doing in 1991, I certainly was reminded of my prom night oh-so-many years ago. Tuxedoes, cocktail dresses, long flowing gowns-okay we left the corsages, shared limo rides and pictures with our date on our front lawn back in high school. But, other than that, it was pretty much the same.
Section J started out the evening with a pre-party at Clery’s. For those who attended, it made for an interesting experience as well-dressed HBS-ers and their dates slipped as surreptitiously as possible past the jeans-clad locals to the back room. I would like to publicly thank Ms. Aglipay for accompanying me to the ladies room. I’m not sure I would have made it out alive without her moral support and encouragement.
J-Crew should be proud-we can boast that our section was the most highly represented section with eighty seven tickets sold. Not bad J! Although hardly surprising, since we have never been known yet to miss a party. Our section pictures may leave a little to be desired, however with massive numbers of people crammed into a rather narrow part of the hotel lobby. Let’s just say that it was not the most orderly photographic experience I have ever seen. I ordered 8 x 10s in triplicate, however. At least one will go on our wall of shame.

While no one is sure exactly what their $100 paid for, we certainly had a nice time seeing our sectionmates looking their best. And we really did love those little pizza things. Perhaps those and the little mini-Chinese takeouts didn’t add up to a wholesome meal, but did you see that line? Note to European Club: apply process flow takeaways from TOM.
So, this week there were no awards because the entire section looked stunning, and it would be an exercise in futility to pick the best. So, this week I keep quiet and leave lots of room for photos! Cheers Section J!