Inside the Senate

What is the External Relations Committee?

The External Relations Committee works with HBS Communications and other business schools to tie the HBS student body into the greater business community. This includes public relations initiatives designed to improve the perception of HBS students to the outside world, case competitions and other volunteer activities. It is one of ten different committees created within the Student Association and meets once or twice a month.

What specifically has the External Relations Committee accomplished?
Members of the External Relations Committee worked with the Admissions Office to host two Admit Days for students admitted to the HBS Class of 2003. Based on feedback from prior years, several changes were made to improve the Admit Day experience for incoming students of the Class of 2003. First of all, the event had a more ‘celebratory’ feel. This was chiefly accomplished through two specific events: a new Admit Day TGIF, and a white tablecloth dinner in Spangler Dining Hall.

Second, the weekend promoted more involvement from current HBS students. This was achieved primarily through an enhanced section interaction with the admitted students. Each RC section ‘adopted’ a group of admits for the weekend. The sections interacted with their admits during class visits, Friday’s lunch, TGIF, Friday’s dinner, and the SA social event held on Saturday night.

What is our future plan?
To welcome incoming members of the Class of 2004, we intend on working again with the Admissions Office to make the admit weekend experience a fun-filled, successful event for incoming students. We hope all students will find the time to interact with prospective members of the HBS Class of 2004 and share their experiences with them!

How can I contact the External Relations Committee, or submit a suggestion?

To submit a suggestion to External Relations Committee, simply contact your section senator, or send an email to me at