HBS Style

Can I get away with wearing French cuffs and cuff links to an interview?
– signed “Ineeda Job”

Double cuff shirts (a.k.a. “French” cuffs) began as a sign of distinction during the mid-1980s for any young up-and-comer looking to show off his wealth, success, or (more generally) attitude towards business. Far from a rarity, double cuffs are now seen as more of a fashion statement when you want to spruce up that dull gray suit your parents bought you when you graduated from undergrad. When matched with a nice pair of expensive (or at least expensive looking) cuff links, nothing says you mean business more effectively. That said, you must use them wisely, Junior. When it comes time to interview for that analyst job at that #17th – ranked bank because the market has forced you to compete against undergrads for the responsibility of getting coffee for your superiors, it may not be the best interview to whip out that new Paul Smith shirt with matching Konstantino cuff links (all of which you bought with CitiAssist). As always, you must know your audience when making any fashion decision.