Movies This Week

Bulletproof Monk: Aimless Fun

Chow Yun-Fat stars as a mysterious monk who teams up with a young guy played by Seann William Scott to protect an ancient scroll from falling into the wrong hands.

It’s exactly this kind of picture where Netflix really becomes valuable. It just doesn’t feel right seeing this in the theater or renting it at Blockbuster. Seann William Scott is hilarious, and might save this movie from itself.

Chasing Papi: Chasing Originality

This romantic comedy tells the story of a young Latino-American man who’s engaged to three different girls in three different cities, and what happens when they all find out on the same weekend.

This movie has been made at least a thousand times before, including Mark Harmon’s “Worth Winning” (1989); this movie is not only late on premise – it’s late on the Latin craze too. They brought Sheila E. back to life which is nice.

Holes: How about Holes?
Exactly where this movie should be

A teenager sent to a Texas youth detention camp is forced to dig hundreds of holes with the other boys in the desert for the corrupt warden (played by Sigourney Weaver).

Sigourney Weaver once was in a great series called Aliens. Now she plays a corrupt warden in a Disney movie. However, if you have adolescent kids or if you are taking section H out to a movie, this might be your pick.

Malibu’s Most Wanted: Is this the sequel to 8 Mile?

Jamie Kennedy stars as a rich white kid from Malibu who acts like he’s a hardened rapper from the streets, but his world is turned upside-down when he’s kidnapped by real-life gang members.

I refuse to acknowledge that Jamie Kennedy is talented, in fact this “I want to pull off a DA Ali G” sans wit hopefully will put him away for ever. Why is Taye Diggs in this movie?