HBS Rugby Strikes Back Against Terrorism

)SHAY’S PUB, CAMBRIDGE (HBS RFC Press) – The HBS Rugby Team is proud to announce its contribution to the “War Against Terrorism”: Tucker Bailey (NB). Tucker, star forward of the HBS side and always a force to be reckoned with in the scrum, is being recalled to active duty in the United States Navy, where he will become a force to reckon with in the fight against terror. The entire HBS Rugby family stands firmly behind Tucker and his commitment to truth, justice, and the American way in this time of need. We wish him a safe and swift tour of duty, and a speedy return to HBS once his commitment is fulfilled.

Tucker’s roommate and HBS Rugby teammate, Mike “Dobbs” Dobrynio (OA), had the following to say about his good friend in a heartfelt email sent to all HBS students last week: “Has anyone by chance grabbed a small silver Sprint PCS phone by mistake. If so please let me know.” The emotion and anguish these words express are enough to move this reporter to tears.
In less important news, HBS Rugby defeated Mystic River this past weekend in a closely contested match. The key play of the game was early on, when Mystic River forfeited due to only having 6 players show up. Hungry for sport, HBS played a split-squad game dominated by the backfield speed of Jorge “Am I Peruvian or Irish” O’Hara (NI) and Nam Kry (NC), and the head-splitting tackling of Mike “Stitches” McLellan (OK) and “Man of the Match” Eric Miller (Harvard Law).

Up next for HBS Rugby is a double-header weekend – away at South Shore (10/20) and home hosting the HBS Rugby Alumni (10/21). Also upcoming is an away game at Boston (10/27). As always, the club would like to thank its sponsors: Schlumberger and Kidd & Company. If you’re interested in joining the HBS Rugby Club, please send an e-mail to dangeloff@mba2002.hbs.edu or the MBA events listserv.