HBS Assembles Support Networks

Leaders of the HBS religious community and student services officials have assembled a far-reaching support network for any members of the HBS community who have suffered losses or grief related to the apparent terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

“It would be a great tragedy if anyone thought that they need to suffer or endure this alone,” said Father Tom Doyle, a member of the MBA Class of 2003 who led the campus reflection ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Crane, OB, sent an e-mail with contact numbers of campus leaders of different religious denominations to HBS students Tuesday evening (see below). In the message, Crane said the campus religious leaders wanted to “offer a shoulder or ear to those who have been both
directly and indirectly affected by today’s tragedies.”

However, the assemblers noted that some religious traditions were not included on the list, and have asked for any Hindus, Buddhists, or Muslims who are willing to provide support to other members of their faith to come forward and contact other people on the list, so that they can be added.

Debbie Liao, the co-president of the Harvard Business School Partners’ Club, e-mailed partners on Wednesday to say that club officers (see below) “are willing and ready to help in whatever ways we can. ” She said the officers “represent a wide range of cultures, ethnicities and professional backgrounds so there is bound to be someone to talk to.”

In addition, Patricia Light, director of MBA Program Support Services, mentioned the availability of grief counselors through the University Health Services (through Urgent Care at the Holyoke Center in Harvard Square, 495-5711), and called on members of the HBS community to help each other.

“‘How are you doing?’ is a very important question to ask as you meet one another in the coming days, because the answer might be that some people aren’t doing so well,” Light said.

“There is no one right way to feel … but what we do know is that support makes a difference,” she said. “You need to take care of yourself at this time, because if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to care for others who might need help.”

Catholic Student Association
Chris Crane [ccrane@mba2002.hbs.edu]
Fernando Torres [ftorres@mbs2002.hbs.edu]
Juan-Carlos Pereira [jpereira@mba2002.hbs.edu]

Harvard Christian Fellowship
Wee Ping Lim [wlim@mba2002.hbs.edu]
John Lunde [jlunde@mba2002.hbs.edu]
Rachel Carriere [rcarriere@mba2002.hbs.edu]

Community of Christ (formerly RLDS)
Ross Canning [rcanning@hbs.edu]

Hindu Students
R. Bhaskar [rbhaskar@hbs.edu]

Jewish Students Association
D.A. Gros [dgros@mba2002.hbs.edu]Sonya Brown [sbrown@mba2002.hbs.edu]

Latter-Day Saint Student Associaiton
Andrew Croshaw [acroshaw@mba2002.hbs.edu]Brady Southwick [bsouthwick@mba2002.hbs.edu]Rebecca Edwards [redwards@mba2002.hbs.edu]

Muslim Students
Imran Amed [iamed@mba2002.hbs.edu]

For a faith not represented here, please call the Harvard United Ministry Office at 617-495-5529.

Partners Club Officers:
Mari-Carmen Calzado
Jamie Dreher
Ruby Simonds
Andrea Spivey
Janice Moore
Vanessa Croshaw
Susie Leupold
Suzy Park
Daren Firestone
Ines Cobee
Stacey Koloski
Michelle Konson
Kathryn Ford

Rick Zednik contributed to this report.