Hammond Said What?

This week we have some more entertaining comments from around the HBS campus, including a few from Professor Jan Hammond, the UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics in the Technology and Operations Management Department. We continue to encourage all members of our HBS community to submit any and all comments by emailing them to quotes@mba2003.hbs.edu.

Guest in Supply Chain, after being introduced: “This is the first time anyone?s clapped when they?ve heard my name.”
Professor Jan Hammond: “Perhaps we just don?t know you well enough yet to know better.”

Professor Jan Hammond, on the first day of class after Hell Week: “Christian, are you tan? Why weren?t you interviewing?”
Christian Wrst (OH): “I was. I was looking for a job in Mexico.”

Professor Jan Hammond: “The case protagonist from last class, Massimo Menichetti, passed away shortly after the time of the case. What do you think happened then?”
Ignacio Fente (OE): “They buried him?”

FRC Professor Greg Miller:
“You really should be doing the reading. It helps you to understand these things.”
“If you want, I?ll multiply all of your grades by a thousand.”
“On your final exam, if you are not sure what to write, you can always say, ?I?m also concerned about the death spiral, and there may be some peanut butter allocation going on here.?”

LN Sadani (NH): “Netflix.com was one of the first things my wife discovered when we came to the U.S. She likes to rent movies, but she doesn?t like to return them.”
Samir Patel (NH): “There are bad, incompetent, lazy people who cannot be managed and cannot be cured. They need to be fired.”

Elizabeth Chirpich (NH), on Lee Iacocca at Chrysler: “He?s got six-hundred thousand employees, so even after he fires the thirty-three Vice Presidents, he?s still got five hundred ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred sixty-seven left.”
Jenn Taylor (NH): “Anytime you can quote Kenny Rogers in class, it?s a good day.”
Samhita Patwardhan (OG): “It?s not like you?re walking around trying to sell your position, given that it is so large.”

Patty Halfen (OG): “I want to protect my back end deficiencies.”