Club B Takes a Breather

Club B-ers took advantage of our Veterans? Day off in many ways. Most people took the time to catch up on some much-needed sleep or to get a head start on the internship search in an ever-declining job market. Does it seem odd to anyone else that there are only 130 internship opportunities in the database for our class of 900 people? At any rate, the results of my “What did you do with your day off?” poll are summarized in the pie chart.

A special congratulations to the Club B Boy that found a first year HBS hottie to take out on a date last Monday. Here?s the scoop: He took her to the Science Museum and dinner. She is “beautiful, intelligent, funny,” and not in Section B. His advice for the single men of the Class of 2003: “Forget the Ed School girls.” Guess he won?t need an Intraview after all…

A group of folks headed to the Big Apple for the weekend. Social Chair Kate Hartwell organized a club night in true Club B fashion on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday. Here?s something of a curiosity: A certain B Boy brought along a female friend (his girlfriend?), and she proceeded to get digits from the male guest of another B Boy. I know that?s not quite section love, but you have to admit, it is intriguing…
Thankful to be in Club B

Since one day off isn?t enough, we are so glad that Thanksgiving is this week. The 4-day weekend couldn?t have come at a better time. We are all ready for some serious R & R with family and friends.

We started getting into the spirit at our section Thanksgiving dinner last Wednesday. Section President Chirag Shah made an impromptu speech about how great our section is, which encouraged Bill Wade to lead us in a Thanksgiving version of our Club B cheer. ND, who had dinner next door, tried to compete and started a chant of their own, but they just couldn?t hang. Nick Khera was determined to start a food fight, but that Marketing midterm was calling our names.

In the holiday spirit, I took a poll of our section to find out what we are most thankful for right now. The results are summarized in the pie graph. Note: Contrary to popular belief, the votes for Mark Bradshaw and Rich Leimsider were from B Boys and NOT our resident desperate-for-a-date B Girl.
Into the Danger Zone

Finance Professor Erik Stafford had many notable quotables over the last few weeks, including:
“The new shareholders are not going to come in and say ?Oh yeah. I want some of that loss.?”
“With failure, you?re killing people, and the government shuts you down.”
“Your decision tree might look a little different in the sense that you used bigger squares.”
“It looks like a Cure concert in here.” ?on the day we wore all black for our class picture.
“We?d like to take it sooner if we could, but if we do, we are risking some investigations.” ?on when to account for depreciation.
“This overhead is very small, I realize. I came in here last night to see if I could read it from the back and I could. So, if you can?t, it might be time for a check-up.”
Be sure to get to the Grille on the 19th for fascinating Iceman quotes as we watch Top Gun with NA!

Don?t Forget!!!

11/19 Top Gun @ the Grille with NA
11/28 Small Group Dinners II
11/30 Holidazzle
12/6 Bowling
12/9 Ice-skating/post-party at