G-Unit Falls Again in Heated Battle

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February 2, 2005
17:55 GMT
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Boston-In an eagerly awaited battle between B-league titans, the NG B team grimaced and grunted through its most physical game of the season. With the referee apparently choking on his whistle, the G-Unit suffered a difficult 54-44 loss to OH.

“It was a real battle out there,” said Alma “The Enforcer” Mathias. “A couple of times out there, I really had to get physical to defend my boys. The referee basically cost us the game.”

“Though a good comment, I would like to disagree with the Enforcer,” countered Jason “Business Class” Giordano. “In the final analysis, our inability to score more points than OH cost us the game.”

The G-Unit jumped out to a commanding 14-12 lead early in the game led by the hot-shooting of leading scorer Clay “I can’t believe I got cut from the A-team” Cowan. The OH defense soon tightened up, however, suffocating the vaunted G-Unit “Chaos” offense with a variety of hacks, chops, checks and shoves. OH eventually extended their lead to 28-20 heading into halftime.

NG rallied at the beginning of the second half behind the ballhawking defense of Thomas “Otey” Smith, closing the gap to four following Aaron “Legacy” Montgomery’s twisting pull-up in the lane. The G-Unit could not close the gap any further, however, as OH answered with strong outside shooting to maintain their lead.

The game was marred midway through the second half by an altercation between NG’s Clay “Artest” Cowan and OH’s Ty “I’m just mad ’cause my college mascot is a chicken” Schultz. After catching the ball in the post, Cowan made an aggressive move to the middle where he was slashed across the neck by Schultz. After being fouled (note: no foul called), Cowan wheeled around and gave Schultz a hard two-handed shove. Both benches emptied and heated words were exchanged.

“I had to step up to defend my teammate,” said Bernard “Big Smooth” Parker. “I vehemently oppose OH’s style of play.”
“Building on what Smooth said, that was one of the ugliest incidents I’ve ever seen on a basketball court,” said teammate Dave “1 for 12 ain’t that bad if you’re in VC or pharmaceuticals” Cho. Play resumed when all participants realized they were playing in an HBS, B-League IM game.
The game ended without further incident, though the game was stopped with 23 seconds left on the clock as the referee became disoriented.

Aaron Montgomery, Alma Mathias, Bernard Parker, Clay Cowan, Dave Cho, Eric Sager, Jason Giordano, and Otey Smith.

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