Get ready for Spring Break!

Allow the HBS Health Services to customize your travel plans and prepare you with the appropriate advice, immunizations and medications to ensure that your next pleasure or business trip is a success.
In addition to geographic risk factors, personalized attention will be provided to prevent the risk of acquiring illness during travel.
Hopefully, the following questions and answers will assist you as you finalize your itinerary and be assured that we are here to care for you.
Please note that we are limited to giving advice on an appointment basis only. We are unable to give advice over the telephone.

Q: “How should I get the advice I need and where do I go for this?”
A: The Business School Health Services in Cumnock Hall (right on campus) will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to come in for a travel consult. You may call 617-495-6455 for an appointment.

Q: ” I am planning a trip this spring or summer…how soon should I come in for a travel consult?”
A: The traveler should seek medical advice four to six weeks in advance of their departure date. The traveler who plans a long-term trip lasting months to years may need to start three or more months in advance.

Q: “If we have a group of people that are all traveling to the same country, is it necessary for each person to have their own ‘travel consult’?”
A: Yes. Each person needs their own consult for a variety of reasons. It is customized to fit your healthcare needs. Your past and present medical history, allergies to medications, and the time to allow each individual to ask any pertinent questions that may be of concern.

Q: I am planning a trip and plan to visit many different countries. When I come in to have my travel consult, do I need to bring anything with me?
A: It would be advisable for you to have your itinerary with you and in the appropriate sequence that you plan on visiting those countries. It would also be most helpful if you had any past medical records that have the recorded dates of any past immunizations you may have had. If you have the “little yellow book” of International Certificate of Vaccination, it would be advisable to bring it with you to the appointment, as some past immunizations may be valid for years.

Q: I am planning a trip to Africa and have been told that I will be required to have an “International Certificate of Vaccination” with me. Is this true and how am I able to obtain this Certificate?
A: Yes, this is true. The International Health Regulations adopted by The World Health Organization may, under certain conditions, require this certificate against Yellow Fever. The requirements and information on Yellow Fever are determined by specific countries or if any country is currently infected with Yellow Fever.
This International Certificate of Vaccination will be given to the traveler at the time of his or her travel consult. It must be complete in every detail and the Business School Health Services are pleased to provide this for you.