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Welcome to the first A&E column of the year. As the weeks progress we hope to expand this section beyond its current boundaries. In the pipeline are a regular listings feature and better guides to whats on in and around Boston. But to do that we’re going to need a few more regular contributors to help share the load. So if there’s a restaurant you’ve stumbled across that you really think other people should try, then let us know. If there’s a band or an artist that you’ve been following for years and want to share with the rest of HBS, get in touch. If there’s a stand up comedian who was so good they made you cry, or so bad they did the same, drop us a line.

In Theaters This Week

Along Came Polly
One of our favorite comedians, Ben Stiller, combines with Mrs Brad Pitt in this week’s big movie. Stiller plays a man who has never taken a risk in his entire life ’til ‘Along came Polly’. His ability to pick winners makes this one worth a look.
Go see this if you liked Zoolander & There’s Something about Mary.

Teacher’s Pet
If the words animation, musical and Disney don’t make you turn and run a mile then this could be just what you’re looking for. Disney’s latest offering is a loose update of Pinocchio and is based on the apparently popular kid’s Saturday morning cartoon of the same name. Don’t expect Pixar-like quality and amusement and you may end up enjoying this.
Go see this if looking for other ways to entertain your little bundles of joy called this weekend.

‘Torque: From the producers of Fast and Furious & SWAT’ runs the advert. It’s a pretty safe bet that this means a film filled with brainless action, impossibly attractive & scantily clad women, mind numbing chase sequences mixed with lashings of testosterone. Don’t expect dialogue or any semblance of a plot.
Go see this if you had to trade in your sports car to pay your tuition and are suffering severe withdrawal symptoms.

Focus on…Movies
Every week we’re going to have an article focusing on one aspect of the many entertainment options surrounding us at HBS. From movies to music to restaurants, each article will review a variety of items that many people have dedicated their whole lives to creating, spending years honing their skills and perfecting their art. We will then of course tear these creations apart in short sarcastic blurbs, despite having little insider knowledge or industry experience. Ah, the joys of being the critic. Also, the rating system is strictly HBS, with grades given on a one to four basis. Sort of like finals, but without the annoying studying and overloaded inbox full of the same notes created by people who unlike you, will probably pass.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – 1
This could be the best film ever made, and easily the top trilogy of all time. Star Wars, no. Godfather, sorry. Back to the Future, well, okay so that one is neck and neck, but otherwise these films are in a class by themselves. The story is powerful, the battle scenes epic, and the elves hot. However, make sure that you have plenty of time and a large bladder since this movie is long. Including popcorn and previews, your running time will be about four hours, most of which you won’t even realize are gone (well, except for the very end part with the hobbits, which seems to drag on like a 16 page LEAD case). For those of you who have seen The Two Towers and thought that nothing could top the battle for Helm’s Deep, think again. The siege by Sauron comes complete with olliphants, ogres, and an amazing volley by catapults.

Big Fish – 1/2
About halfway through this movie, the woman sitting behind me told her husband “this movie is weird.” Yes Virginia, this movie is weird. In fact, it isn’t even a movie at all, but rather a series of short stories loosely tied together by a man (Billy Crudup) searching to understand his father (Albert Finney), who is close to dying. Finney has a penchant for extending the truth (for an example of this, please see my resume) as he tells the history of his life through outrageous tall tales played out through Ewan McGregor. Along his journey through life, Ewan encounters many surrealistic situations and people who come to love him for his attitude and determination. Steve Buscemi and Danny Devito make appearances in this fun romp of a movie that is sure to please everyone.

Paycheck – 3/4
Paycheck is an apropos title for this show, as it must have been the only thing Ben Affleck was really thinking about. The setup to this movie is actually not bad, particularly for us Sci-Fi lovers: a super intelligent engineer has his memory erased and based on clues that he left behind must figure out the past, save the world from nuclear annihilation, and get the girl. Mix-in Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman, Aaron Eckhart, director John Woo, and an overblown Hollywood budget and you should have some magic. Sort of Memento meets Total Recall, but without the butchered lines from Governor Arnold like “give da people da air” (not to be confused with his Los Angeles campaign speeches of “give da people da clean air”). So when I sat down with my thirty dollar tub of popcorn and soda, I was expecting to see a solid flick. Then enter uninspired acting, unrealistic fight scenes, and a story that was always bordering on something interesting but which never quite got there, and you have a movie that just wasted three hours of your life. Skip this and go see Lord of the Rings one more time.

Cambridge Restaurant of the Week
Cambridge One, Church Street, Cambridge
Cambridge One is deceptive from the outside well-hidden and tucked away from the main road in Harvard Square, located just across from the Loew’s cinema. The slate bar and brick walls give it a distinctly modern, converted warehouse feel that adds to the air of informal exclusivity. Its limited menu is offset by its quality and we reckon it offers some of the best pizza to be found this side of the river. Even better with half pizzas from $6-7; that Citibank loan will go a long way. Cambridge One is ideal for a quick, informal dinner, and we think it is one of the best first date locations across the river.

Upcoming Musical Events Over Coming Weeks

Jan 20
At Paradise Rock Club

Jan 31
Sarah Brightman
At FleetCenter

Feb 07
Cassandra Wilson
At Berklee Performance Center

Feb 21
Nanci Griffith
At Berklee Performance Center

Feb 24
Josh Groban
At Wang Theatre

Feb 24
Rod Stewart
At FleetCenter

Feb 27
Elvis Costello and Stevie Nieve
with the Brodsky Quartet
At Wang Theatre

Feb 29
At Avalon

Mar 02
Barenaked Ladies
At FleetCenter

Mar 06
Erykah Badu
At Orpheum Theatre

Mar 08
The Church
At Paradise Rock Club ,
Night Club

Mar 15 – 16
At Orpheum Theatre

March 28
Liz Phair
At Avalon

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