EC class considering Class Gift

We are a class that arrived two weeks prior to the horrific events of 9/11. We learned to support each other, in a time when we had just met. We are also a class at one of the world’s leading business schools in a time where corporate scandals have reached an unprecedented high. This school has impacted us greatly, and going forward we will take what we have learned and try to make a difference.

Some of us would argue that we have been transformed, others might disagree but I think we would all say that we have had two very memorable years.

It is with all of this in mind that our 2003 class gift committee has been seeking out your thoughts for what we could give back to the school.
Some of the most common themes have involved:
1. A social enterprise fund focused on research
2. Global Leadership fund focused on research
3. Alumni Class cards (This initiative involves changing the existing alumni database
4. A contribution to the research involved in the new RC leadership and values course

The concept of the class gift does not focus on extravagant giving nor does it focus on contributing strictly to the endowment. Its intention is to give back to the school in a way that is important to us as a class.

The class gift committee is made up of the alumni relations rep. in each section of the EC year, as well as the outgoing SA co-presidents. We appreciate the feedback we received last week in the poll, and would be happy to hear any other concerns or ideas you may have. Please look for the poll to come out later this week to vote on the top issues.