Bam! New 'B'ooks

I’ve received some wonderful feedback to my last article from my friends in Section New A…and was glad to hear the article was viewed as intended – as tongue in cheek. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be some literary retaliation in today’s edition. In fact, it’s probably waiting for your eyes just below this article. That’s ok…Section New B is up for the challenge. We can dish it out, but we can also take it. So please know that we stand by our article 100%, but you should also understand…that it was all Gaurav’s idea.

And now…what if each member of Section New B wrote a book? What would it be called? See some Section New B “book titles” below.

Tide and Me: Love in the Laundry Room – by Mark

Growing Up “Urban” – by Ovi

Bankers, The Misunderstood People – by Rama and Alex M.

143, 313, and 57…and Other Numbers We Love – by Suzanne, Craig, and Joe

Court Reporting: A Beginner’s Guide – by Sonya

Finance and Accounting…are They Really Different? – by Keith

Why Are We Doing This? An Introspective – by Leslie

Random Laughter: Nature’s Medicine – by Arjun

1001 Synonyms for Exhilarating – by Anne

Flicking Hair and 82 Other Ways to Start a Sentence – by Melissa

A Guide to Internet Searches, From Sex to Sears – by Dwight

Lance Bass is No Donnie Wahlberg…The History of Boy Bands – by Nir

It Makes Me Feel Sexy…and Other Reasons We Buy – by Megan

Turning Cold Calls Warm – by Joyce and Suzanne

Baffle Your Audience in 10,000 Words or Less – Apu

Win/Win, No One Loses: A Negotiation Guide – by Denis

Speak up? Speak this. – by Pankaj, Joohee

Starting Over…What to do Once You’ve Fired All Your Employees – by Richard

“LOVE LOVW YOU NYOU ALL PEIPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and other Caveman Sayings – by Werner

Drool…Don’t Hide It – by Ivelisse

A Superhero’s Guide: Save a Woman, Protect the World, and Drink Mountain Dew, All in a Day’s Work –
by John F

Becoming a Worm: How I Survived a Move to the Worm Deck – by Alex

Walking…Why Stop Because You’re in Class? – by Steve

Bring Your Girlfriend to Class…and Other Ways to Get a Standing Ovation – by Majid

Be Profound, but Look Confused – by Cristobal

Sit Close, Talk Loud – by Adrian

Come in, but Leave Your Jacket On…a Collection of Romantic Essays – by Dax

Electronics Have Feelings Too – by Lee and Eric

MBA, ShmemBA: The Life of a JD/MBA – by Zuhairah

Minnesota is NOT in Canada…and other Geographic Oddities – by John, Nick, and Eric

What About Bob? What’s Up, Chuck? Hey, Joon: A Guide to Lame Introductions – by Bob, Chuck, Joon

Men Have Internal Clocks Too – by Adam

Why Sit Up? And Life’s Other Perplexing Questions – by Perry

Fuel it In, Fuel it Out…A Citizen’s Guide to Landing a Plane – by Colleen

The Baseball Cap as a Grooming Tool – by Charlie

80 or 150? How All Numbers Count – by Aaron and Frederick