An Introduction to the Harbus Humor Section

This week’s Harbus isn’t funny like usual, and it doesn’t include reports from the Section Reps on the events in their respective rooms in Aldrich. For that we apologize. To make up for it, we’re giving you the first in a series of pieces by Californian Brian Eule on his recent move to Boston. But we also thought we’d take a minute here to explain what you’re missing. Usually in the hallowed Humor/Social Section you get:

 Dr. Sanjay Singhvi’s Special Treatments: Cut-out Coupons, Chess reports, Doctored Photos, Divinity Features, and much, much, more curious randomness.

 The Sky Deck: a great comic strip by Tom Fishburne, OB. Oh, wait, we found an old one to whet your appetite.

 Auntie Sam: You actually get to see one of these columns this week. And yes, the letters are all real!

 Case Rip Cord: Students make light of the numerous funny things that appear in HBS cases.

 The Harbus Intraview: Two HBS students give different perspectives of a night out on the town. For example, you met SA Social Committee Co-Chair Cecily Kovatch earlier in this paper, but only after her Intraview did she quantify how the benefits of ice skating in a full-length skirt outweigh the risks.

Many of these features need help from the RC to continue. So you’re saying to yourself, “Pete, how can I become a part of the Harbus Humor/Social Section?” Well, along with the numerous cases of free drinks in the Harbus office, there’s plenty of room for you. The regular process is to run for Harbus Rep in your section, which also makes you a Board Member at the multimillion dollar Harbus News Corporation. Quite a resume stuffer.

Unfortunately, you don’t know your sections yet, so it’s difficult to find the necessary votes to win any election you might be dreaming about holding. To become involved at the Harbus right now, just contact Uncle Jordy at, and he’ll set you up with some choice assignments.

Sanjay’s kids could use a babysitter this Friday night, for instance.