Amadeus: Your e-ticket to European Company Information

Are you conducting a networked job search in Europe? Or do you need financials for that private software firm in France? If so, Amadeus is the tool for you. One of the flagship databases for Brussels-based electronic publisher, Bureau Van Dijk (BVD), Amadeus is a searchable database of 3.7 million public and private companies in thirty-one European countries, including much of Eastern Europe.
Globalization of HBS
With 33% of the class of 2002 coming from outside the U.S., HBS students have expressed continued interest in having access to research resources that are both online and international in scope. For years, Baker Library has offered numerous printed company directories from publishers like Kompass International. Several years ago, Baker added the OneSource Global Business Browser database, which covers 300,000 public and private companies in 189 countries and has consistently been Baker Library’s most popular online resource. Primark’s Global Access product covers more than 200 countries, but only includes public companies. Now Amadeus is significantly broadening the research horizons for HBS students by providing financial information for millions of European public and private companies.
Advanced Search Capabilities
The flexible searching capabilities of Amadeus allow users to look up companies by name, or screen for companies by criteria such as financial statement items, ratios and geographic location (city, region, country). This makes the product ideal for creating targeted lists of companies for a job search or for identifying competitors or creating peer group analyses for course projects or field studies. Search results can be formatted and sorted in a variety of ways to accommodate complex or clear-cut research needs.
Amadeus is accessible now from Baker Library. Librarians are available seven days a week to assist students with their research. Visit Baker Library in-person or contact librarians at: 617-495-6397 or