What is a Color Squad?

At the end of the RC, we are asked to rank how we feel about the HBS community. Historically, September cohort students rank their affiliation level as strongest with their section, followed by cohort and then their class. January cohort students relay a greater sense of closeness to their cohort, followed by section and then class. The common factor here is that overall, HBS students do not feel very closely affiliated with their class. In an effort to boost the sense of class unity and cohesion for the last dual cohort class, the HBS Office of Student Life and the SA Class of 2002 Committee created Class of 2002 Color Squads.
What’s with these Color Squads, you ask? On January 12th, the Class of 2002 was divided into 12 Color Squads, each possessing an equal number of students from every Class of 2002 section. Each Squad is designated by a specific color and competes together against the other Squads in a series of events that span the course of the winter semester. In additional to philanthropic events and small group dinners, Color Squad events include:
To date, Color Squads have participated in initial squad meetings and Winter Games (see Winter Games article also in this edition of the Harbus). Among other events, the Winter Games featured Dizzy Bats (resulting in some hysterical face plants in Shad), an intriguing Frozen T-Shirt contest, and a hotly contested Tug O’ War. In the end, the Purple Squad walked away as the Winter Games champs. (Though it is rumored that the Red Squad walked away with Purple’s trophy…) Special thanks goes out to the second year students who have helped with Winter Games. Also, credit for the success and fun of Friday’s Winter Games goes to Alex Adler (’02) and Jason Patton (’01). Thanks, guys!
The next Color Squad event, the Class of 2002 Variety Show, takes place on Wednesday, February 21st. In the Variety Show, contestants from each Squad will compete in a talent competition-singing, dancing, parodies, juggling-almost anything is fair game! The show is held in Burden Auditorium, exclusively for Class of 2002 students and their partners. The show will be judged and winners announced at its conclusion. More information about the Variety Show and other Color Squad events will be coming in future editions of the Harbus.
Color Squad activities are open to all members and partners of the Class of 2002. Contact Julie Neenan with any questions you may have regarding the Class of 2002 Color Squads.