Aldrich Hall Renovation Chilling Lesson in Failures of Communism

In a move that has sent shock-waves through business schools everywhere, HBS administrators have boldly extended the “case-method” of instruction to include the “building fit-out” method of instruction.

“Given that the age of the average HBS student has recently fallen from 27 to 16, we figure that many of the RCs weren’t alive when communism was a threat to all civilization. They don’t remember when we all lived in fear of being nuked at any moment, or at least having to drink some pretty unbearable vodka at the hands of our commie oppressors. We greatly feared that today’s students may become complacent, or, worse yet, believe that planned economies provided some sort of egalitarian panacea in an increasingly competitive and cut-throat world.”

“In order to set students straight as to the realities of life in the Evil Empire, we’ve adopted a ‘Party Official’ and a ‘Siberian Prisoner’ approach to Aldrich. Some students will be privy to a world of ergonomic chairs, high-tech instant polling mechanisms, and champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in class, fed to them by proletariat sycophants. The other students, however, will be in the same crappy classrooms as before. We won’t even let them press their hungry little noses up against the glass of the nicer rooms, or a guy named Boris will punch them in the face.”

“We hope that this stark example is a lesson in how disastrous planned economies can be. Otherwise, we’d just be relying on the clarity of lessons taught from BGIE classes to get that across – in which case, heaven help us all!”