AFAA 500- running 500 miles in 24 hours

What happens when you combine a bunch of individuals who like to run around like knuckleheads with a great charitable cause? The AFAA 500. In order to raise money and bring awareness to the plight of homeless Veterans, the AFAA is launching a 24-hour continuous charity run to support the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans.

Starting on April 9th at 1700 until April 10th 1700 a group of HBS AFAA members will be continuously circling the HBS campus. With iron men such as John “Greens Keeper” Lowry, Jim “Enough about me, lets talk about Flying” Matheson, and Sean Withrow “the one man Republican Guard” leading the way. The goal is to run over 500 miles. In fact, the entire diverse military community has rallied to the cause. Brian Shortsleeve has offered ” to provide wheeled vehicles (bikes, cars, trucks) for the Army guys?” While Jerry Smith exclaimed “This ARMY RANGER wants a piece of the action also. Nick, we’ll probably need the rangers to fireman’s carry the marines and the pilots during their shifts. We just need to make sure both get credit for the run.”

Unbelievably, it is estimated that 30% (roughly 250,000 people) of the U.S. homeless population is comprised of U.S. Veterans. A significant percent of these individuals are Vietnam Veterans who after risking their lives as Defenders of Freedom and American capitalism have been left out in the cold. Founded in 1989 the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans’ mission is to help rehabilitate and reintegrate veterans who are homeless, unemployed or underemployed by providing them with the tools to move toward self-sufficiency. Runners are accepting flat donations as well as per mile Sponsorships. We just need to make sure both get credit for the run. Every little bit help so if you would like to contribute please contact your friendly military friends or go to