A Hails the Queen

It has been 5 weeks since that momentous day in Burden Auditorium, when all 900 members of the Class of 2003 sat impatiently through slide after slide…
after slide…
after slide…
waiting to see what one fate-determining letter would appear next to his or her name.
82 of those people lucked out. For they are now part of the A-Team.
The first few days of Section Life were typical.

“I can’t BELIEVE I got this seat,” was a comment uttered by almost everyone not sitting in the Sky Deck. However, despite the annoying/unmovable chairs, NA-ers settled into their positions quite nicely and were ready for section life to begin.

With the guidance of Section Chair Professor “Deshpand‚…ROHIT Deshpand‚,” we discussed, discussed, and discussed some more just about everything that could remotely be related to “norms.” The final conclusion was that we didn’t want to establish the norm of over-analyzing every issue. Better late than never, no?

In the following month, New A decided to bond through a series of “Cohesion Exercises”-the most effective of which was a bash at Javier Ewing’s house. The party planning team of Navin Dadlani, Lee Bryan, Daphne Choi, Jocelyn So, and Kelly Garrett made sure that there was “no WIP” in the food preparation process, and that “finished goods” from the grill were dispersed quickly among the guests. This proved that you CAN apply TOM skills to real life!

Highlights of the past few weeks include:
 Creating a section credo that would make James Burke (’49) at J&J shed a tear.
 Scoring a 12-7 football victory over NC, thanks to star players Chris Young, Daniel Pullin, Gail Hodges, Patrick Flood, and Javier Ewing.
 Developing a powerhouse soccer team that is, ummmm, looking forward to its first victory some time in the very near future.
 Watching Michael Tong take digital pictures of his Sky Deck award and of himself in his moment of glory, as the class thought back fondly to what was sure to go down as one of the best lines of the year-which unfortunately cannot be printed in this paper. So you know it had to be good!
 Seeing Peter Tynan and Neil Edwards give ABBA a run for their money as they moved and grooved to “Dancing Queen” at the Priscilla Ball.
 Glowing with pride after our very own 5th-grade-teacher-turned-glamour-girl, Kelly Garrett, won the title of Queen of the Priscilla Ball.
That’s right, folks, we’ve got the Queen right here. All Hail the Queen! If you would like to see photos of Kelly in his/her glory, as well as other NA-ers exploring their identities on the night of October 12, 2001, check out the Section A web site at: sectiona.moonfruit.com
Yes, we know that everyone else is jealous of our site. Kudos to Neil Edwards! Not only is he a Dancing Queen and Corporate Whore guitar-player, he is also our Tech Rep extraordinaire.

As a final note, congratulations to all of our newly elected Section Representatives. While our President, Laurent “Live Corrosion-Free or Die!” Therivel is already setting himself up for blackmail (see picture), I dare say we have a great group of people who are going to make this year a blast. `Til next week.