A Feast of Sport For New Students and Old

If you like to play sports, then you are in luck this year at HBS. All of last year’s sporting clubs are still in existence, and a couple of new clubs have emerged. This article gives a brief overview of HBS’s 15 sporting clubs.

But don’t forget that as an HBS student you also have access to the excellent facilities at Shad (gym, indoor track, weights, tennis courts) as well as the undergraduate facilities across the road (pool, track, tennis court, hockey rink). And then there’s the wide range of intramural sports that you’ll soon hear more about. So if you’re now carrying a few extra pounds from your years in the corporate world, or a decadent summer internship, then join a couple of these clubs and start working them off!

Business School Blades (Ice Hockey)
Contact E-Mails: jophillips@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Basketball Club
Competitions Entered: Have teams representing HBS in two different local city leagues in Boston; MBA Basketball Championship (at Georgetown last year); two games against MIT
Training Times: Weekly designated pickup games at Shad for anyone who wants to play
Major Events: Will be holding a major 3-on-3 tournament in the Spring
Club Description: The HBS Basketball Club was established to bring together those who enjoy playing ball in an informal and enjoyable environment. The way the club does this is by organizing and scheduling games, entering local leagues, and facilitating competitions between local schools.
Contact e-mails: sschweitzer@mba2005.hbs.edu, clong@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Boat Club
Contact E-Mails: cruch@mba2005.hbs.edu, rkim@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Business of Sports Club
Major Events: Speaker series; Career panel; Business Of Sports Conference; Business Of Sports Trek
Club Description: The Business of Sports Club provides HBS students with a forum to discuss key sports business issues and a venue to host important decision makers within the sports industry. The club will expose MBA students to career opportunities within sports while helping members to network within the industry.
Contact Emails: jabramson@mba2005.hbs.edu, sblackburn@mba2005.hbs.edu, jharper@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Cricket Club
Contact E-Mails: kmahesh@mba2005.hbs.edu, ntewari@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Golf Club
Contact E-Mails: cwong@mba2005.hbs.edu, rperry@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Outdoors Club
Contact E-Mails: mwidmann@mba2005.hbs.edu, dclark@mba2005.hbs.edu, csiu@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Rugby Football Club
Competitions Entered: Boston Metro League; MBA World Cup at Duke; tournaments at Thunderbird, Wharton, Macgill and other locations
Training Times: Twice weekly (exact times TBD)
Major Events: MBA World Cup; Several social tours; Several banquets and functions
Club Description: The Rugby Club seeks to provide an enjoyable sporting and social experience for its members. On the sporting side, we accommodate experienced and first-time players in local leagues and varsity competitions. Rugby is a great way to get fit, strong, and famous on campus (two of three guaranteed). On the social side, the team has frequent formal dinners, and informal nights out around town.
Contact e-mails: lherbert@mba2005.hbs.edu, jtesvic@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Running Club
Contact E-Mails: achasteen@mba2005.hbs.edu, szammit@mba2005.hbs.edu, jmatullo@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Sailing Club
Contact E-Mails: creuter@mba2005.hbs.edu, cmcgill@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Ski & Snowboard Club
Competitions Entered: Tuck Winter Carnival, local night racing league
Training Times: To be confirmed
Major events: Ski trip to Austria (Winter Break), other trips to North American resorts, access to discounted ski passes and equipment, ski house signups, regular social events
Club Description: The Ski & Snowboard Club serves to promote winter sport activities and to provide both social and competitive experiences for the HBS ski & snowboard community of all abilities.
Contact e-mails: shaselwandter@mba2005.hbs.edu, hdoleisch@mba2005.hbs.edu, gmanolas@mba2005.hbs.edu
HBS Soccer Club
Competitions Entered: Boston Graduate League; Yale Cup Tournament; UT Tournament; MBA World Cup at Tuck
Training Times: Twice weekly (exact times TBD)
Major Events: Regular league games on weekends; tournaments with other MBA programs from across the US and Europe
Club Description: Our club is promoting the love of the beautiful game. Emphasis is on training for and playing competitive football (A and B teams) as well as running an HBS indoor league in the winter and pick-up games. Major football matches are televised in various campus locations.
Contact e-mails: smarra@mba2005.hbs.edu, spatel@mba2005.hbs.edu, rmcmonagle@mba2005.hbs.edu, pmccarter@mba2005.hbs.edu, halmstadt@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Squash And Tennis Club
Contact E-Mails: lhu@mba2005.hbs.edu, gbrenner@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Triathlon Club
Competitions Entered: Lobsterman Triathlon; additional races TBD
Training Times: Weekly swimming, cycling and running training; exact times TBD
Major Events: We will plan races for members to participate in. In addition, we will schedule guest speakers throughout the year.
Club Description: The club will provide an organized forum for training, knowledge-sharing, and competing in triathlons and other endurance sports, as well as promoting the general health and wellness of the HBS student body. Objectives include: providing weekly workouts for all triathlon disciplines and other activities like yoga; sponsoring guest speakers; promoting health awareness, stress management and dietary balance; organizing participation in local races during race season; motivating and educating athletes of different levels to achieve their fitness goals, from sprint triathlons up to ironman races.
Contact e-mails: gthompson@mba2005.hbs.edu, qchu@mba2005.hbs.edu, krunes@mba2005.hbs.edu

HBS Volleyball Club
Competitions Entered: Various Volleyball Tournaments and Scrimmages (see events below)
Training Times: Open Hours: Sundays 1:00 – 3:00pm, Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:00pm.
Major events: HBS Fall Classic-we host a six person indoor tournament with teams from Kellogg, Wharton, MIT, and other schools, Annual RC vs. EC Match, Wharton Tournament
Club Description: The HBS Volleyball Club creates opportunities for both recreational and competitive volleyball within the HBS community. We welcome members of all skill levels. Current members range from beginners to former Division I national champions. The weekly open hours are a great opportunity for everyone interested in volleyball to come out and play. The scrimmages with other clubs and volleyball tournaments provide a channel for competitive play.
Contact e-mails: yoba@mba2005.hbs.edu, jdvorett@mba2005.hbs.edu, skamppari@mba2005.hbs.edu